Kennel Statistics

2005 - our first italian greyhound Mila arrived at our house
2006 - we sent application for kennel registration, due to mistake made by FCI we had to pass this procedure again
2007 - kennel name Silvento was confirmed by FCI
2008 - first litter with the prefix Silvento arrived
2010 - Tanya Stanishcheva became a co-owner of my dogs and right-hand in the kennel : )
2015 - loud event in the history of Cirneco for UA - we imported the 1st Cirneco dell'Etna from Sicily to UA, who became the 1st cirneco registered in UKU stud book
2018 - and one more amazing event for Ukraine - the first one litter of Cirneco dell'Etna was born. Our cirneco male Silvento Mercury became the first one dog (male) registered in UKU stud book and sister Silvento Medea - the 1st cirneco female born in UA as well as the first Champion of Ukraine, European Junior Winner in Austria 2019 etc
All this was just the beginning  ...

Our Italians over the world. Silvento italian greyhounds

Iggy & Cirneco males used in our breeding:

Name Country Year Litter
Vindhauses Orcino imp. Denmark – stud abroad 2007 -
Nico imp. Italy 2008 -
Vitosha (Yorkshire terrier) imp. Russia 2008 B
Dio Mio Grazzie Novele imp. Lithuania 2008, 2009 А, С
Galliano P’yari Sarna UA 2010 D
Inuus Forum Romanum imp. Poland 2012 E
Lukrecia Fly Gocci imp. Latvia 2013 F
Darius Des Pitchoun Diables France – 2 studs abroad 2014 -, B
Perito Moreno Forum Romanum exp. Australia – stud abroad 2014 G
Diadem Di Sangue Regale imp. Czech Republic 2014 H
Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum
imp. Poland
2014, 2016 I, K
Astra Bravissimo Michelangelo imp. Latvia – stud abroad 2015 J
Eledi Grace Rubiano imp. Latvia 2015 -
Silvento Kronos UA 2017 L
Valerio Dei Raggi Di Luna Italy – stud abroad 2017
Giulio (Cirneco dell'Etna) Sicily – stud abroad 2018 M
Arno Nero Stella Di Celeste Germany – stud abroad 2018 B
In-extremis Du Domaine De Chanteloup imp. France 2018 N
Hadranensis Toto' (Cirneco dell'Etna) Italy – stud abroad 2020 O
Albioli Trump UA 2021 Q
Colisto's Rocco (Cirneco dell'Etna) RUS – stud abroad 2021 P

Iggy & Cirneco females used in our breeding:

Name Years Litters Qty of puppies Notes
Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora 2008, 2009, 2010 A, C, D 2, 1, 3 spayed in 2015
Zinaida (Yorkshire terrier) 2008 B 3 spayed in 2008
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta 2012, 2014, 2015 E, I, J 3, 4, 1 spayed in 2017
Hellica Forum Romanum 2013, 2014, 2017 F, G, L 2, 3, 2 spayed in 2018
Lucilla Forum Romanum 2014 co-own. 1 litter in co-ownership
Silvento Euthenia
2014, 2016, 2018, 2021 H, K, N, Q 1, 4, 2, 2 spayed in 2021
Silvento Hestia 2017, 2018 A, B 3, 3 litters in co-ownership
Creta Del Gelso Bianco (Cirneco) 2018, 2020 M, O 4, 5
Silvento Medea (Cirneco) 2021 5

Statistics of Italian sighthounds and Cirneco dell'Etna puppies:

Litter Date Qty Name Country Notes
Q 04.06.2021 1+1 Silvento Quirinus ua levretkaUA  co-ownership
Silvento Quiritis ua levretkaUA  stays in our family
P чирнеко щенок Киев
03.06.2021 3+2  Silvento Plutus NL
Silvento Perseus IL
Silvento Pirene CA
Silvento Persephone Germany, KorbachDE
Silvento Pegasus1 ua levretkaUA
O чирнеко щенок Киев
27.04.2020 3+2  Silvento Octavia ua levretkaUA co-ownership
Silvento Olympias UK
Silvento Odin LT  
Silvento Orion CZ breeding rights
Silvento Orpheus UK
N 16.09.2018 0+2 Silvento Nemesis ua levretkaUA co-ownership
Silvento Nemea ES
M чирнеко щенок Киев
23.03.2018 3+1  Silvento Midas IL & LT breeding rights
Silvento Mercury ua levretkaUA co-ownership
Silvento Mars UK
Silvento Medea ua levretkaUA stays in our family
L 18.09.2017 1+1 Silvento Leviathan1 ua levretkaUA
K 20.06.2016 4+0 Silvento Kupidonas korean-flagSKR
Silvento Kairos Germany, KorbachDE
Silvento Kamill1 ru levretkaRU
Silvento Kronos ua levretkaUA co-ownership
J 30.11.2015 1+0 Silvento Jason ua levretkaUA
I 01.10.2014 2+2 Silvento Isida Germany, KorbachDE
Silvento Ilithyia1 gr νάνος δρομέαςGR
Silvento Iuppiter ua levretkaUA
Silvento Italus1
ua levretkaUA co-ownership
H 10.06.2014 0+1 Silvento Hestia ru levretkaRU co-ownership
G 10.04.2014 1+2 Silvento Glaucus1 hu Kis olasz agárHU breeding rights
Silvento Galatea1 ru levretkaRU co-ownership
Silvento Gaia
us italian greyhoundUSA
B 23.03.2014 1+0 Biaggio Fiesta Ventura2 ua levretkaUA breeding rights
F 06.04.2013 1+1 Silvento Freya fr Petit lévrier italienFR
Silvento Frey1 ua levretkaUA co-ownership
E 26.06.2012 1+2 Silvento Euthenia ua levretkaUA
left in kennel
Silvento Eleusis ua levretkaUA co-ownership
Silvento Eucleia ua levretkaUA
D 10.05.2010 0+3 Silvento Diamoura Angioletta ua levretkaUA
left in kennel
Silvento Diablitta Rubesta ua levretkaUA
Silvento Diamantine Tenera ua levretkaUA
C 19.05.2009 1+0 Silvento Casadei Cesario1 gr νάνος δρομέαςGR
A 02.11.2008 1+0 Silvento Astraios Greek Titan gr νάνος δρομέαςLT hit by the car in 2013
1+2 Silvento Belissima
ua levretkaUA
yorkshire terriers litter,
the first and the last one
Silvento Betti ru levretkaRU
Silvento Bruce ua levretkaUA
 2008-2021  45 24 males and 21 females  

1 excluded from breeding / spayed
2 litter in co-ownership with our kennel from our bitch but with other kennel-name

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