International Champion
Best Representative of breed in UA 

Champion of UKU
Champion of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria
Champion of Philippines, 
Junior Champion of Turkey, San Marino
Junior Champion of Moldova, Ukraine, 
Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine, Junior Grand Champion of Moldova

17*CAC 19*BOB  6*CACIB 3*rCACIB  14*jCAC 12*jBOB 4*BIG-1  3*BIG-2  2*BIG-3  2*BIG-4 BIS-2

Lucilla Forum Romanum - is an italian sighthound co-owned by our kennel, Lucilla is a sunny-girl - sister of Hellica Forum Romanum by mother. She is perfect dog by behavior, calm, interested in everything, sweet and just a little angel who actually don't deal with other dogs a lot and prefer people than dogs as a company. Luсci lives in Dnepropetrovsk city with wonderful couple Sasha and Katya - owners of our girl Silvento Diamantine Tenera. She is just one year and one day younger than Helli and I do hope she will be as well successful as her sister Helli!

Nickname: Lucci
Born: Nov 17, 2011
Breeder: kl "Forum Romanum" (Poland)
Owner: E. Stepanova &  kl "Silvento"
Teeth: full set
Heigh: 35,5 cm (official)*

Link to PhotoAlbum of Lucci

Health tests:
Knees0/0 (07/2017)
Eyesno hereditary diseases (12/2013), (07/2017)
Color genotype:  ay/ay  B/-  D/d  EM/-  ky/ky

Biaggio Fiesta Ventura

COI → 0% (4 generations)
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Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup 
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*-14.12.2013 - Vija Klucniece (Latvia)