Lucilla Forum Romanum

International Champion
Best Representative of breed in UA , Champion of UKU, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria
Champion of Philippines, Montenegro, Junior Champion of Turkey, San Marino
Junior Champion of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus
Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine, Junior Grand Champion of Moldova


Name: Lucci (Lucilla Forum Romanum)
Born: November 17, 2011
Breeder: kl "Forum Romanum" (Poland)
Owner: kl "Silvento" & "Fiesta Ventura" kl (Dnipro,UA)
Height: 36 cm (official)

DNA tests and health:

Luxating Patella: 0/0 (07/2017)
Eyes: ok (07/2017)
Teeth: Full set of teeth
Color genotype: ay/ay  B/-  D/d  EM/-  ky/ky


Lucilla Forum Romanum - is an italian sighthound co-owned by our kennel, Lucilla is a sunny-girl - sister of Hellica Forum Romanum by mother.
She appeared to be not promising for breeding at all ... but she is perfect dog, calm, interested in everything, sweet and just a little angel.

Luсci lives in Dnipro city with wonderful couple Sasha and Katya - owners of our girl Silvento Diamantine Tenera. 


COI → 0 % (4 generations)
fr Petit lévrier italien С.I.B. Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup  fr Petit lévrier italien As de coeur du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Oscar du Domaine de Chanteloup
norw C.I.B. Talata Chanteloup
fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Anthinea du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Tadzio Tiepolo Du manoir des ombreuses
fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Pomme d'api du domaine de Chanteloup
pl C.I.B. Arrakis Forum Romanum dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Fernando belg WW'02 C.I.B. Dynastie-Durrani's Yehudi Blue
dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Etazia
lv C.I.B. Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum lv CH Eledi Grace Cario Morsello
finl C.I.B. Soltar's My Blue Angel
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