Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento


Name: Osiris (Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento)
Born: November 09, 2020
Breeding status: closed till 2022
Coursing: coming soon
Breeder: kl "Zabava Znaty"
Owner: kl "Silvento" & Vizhutkina E. (Kiev, UA)
Height: after 9 m.o.
Hashtag: #OsirisSilvento

DNA tests and health:

Familial Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH): coming soon
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-IG1):
coming soon
Primary closed angle glaucoma (PCAG):
coming soon
Luxating Patella: will be checked in 2022
Heart: will be checked in 2022
Teeth: Full set of teeth
Color genotype: ay/a B/B  d/d  e/e  KB/KB

Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento - is the collaboration our kennel Silvento and Liuda's kennel that we planned for many years.
There were no doubts that Osiris will be our keeper. This italian greyhound boy lives with his daddy Silvento Kronos and his human family - Artem and Elena who are the part of our kennel and hopefully our co-breeders in the future.

Italian greyhound Osiris got WOW temperament from his daddy as well as nice movements and very strong psychics. He is cream and was born from 2 DNA tested parents and has very promising exterior. So we do hope he will be not just beloved family member but will be showed and maybe a new coursing star like his daddy,  

And as all Silvento dogs have names from mythology "Osiris" → is the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion.


COI → 3,81 % (7 generations)
ua levretka CH Silvento Kronos pl CH Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum swed C.I.B. Py's Kesell
belg CH Gobi of Tiglash Pileser
ua levretka CH Silvento Euthenia pl CH Inuus Forum Romanum
ua levretka C.I.B. Silvento Diamoura Angioletta
fr Petit lévrier italien Mantra Des Princes De Minos fr Petit lévrier italien Jensy Des Princes De Minos fr Petit lévrier italien Hesperos Des Princes De Minos
fr Petit lévrier italien Farah-Liz Despinida Des Princes De Minos
fr Petit lévrier italien Herminie Des Princes De Minos swed C.I.B. Py's Kesell
fr Petit lévrier italien Eurydice Despinida Des Princes De Minos