Best Representative of the Breed in Ukraine
Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Ukraine
7*CAC  2*BOB  3*BOS  CACIB  2*rCACIB  4*BD 4*jCAC  3*jBOB  BIG-1

Candidate for UA Coursing Champion
Italian sighthound stud dog Silvento Kronos, aka Roni was left in Ukraine in Kiev in co-ownership with our family-type kennel Silvento. This blue italian greyhound male unfortunatelly had to change his owner when he was about 1,5 years old and had quite long rehabilitation after this in his new home. Silvento Kronos started his show-career only at 1 year old in June 2017 but due to many reasons and the quality of his life - we HAD to take him back and change the owner as was mentioned before. And we do feel happy that it happend. Finally he has good home where he is really loved! Thank you Artem and Helena for all that care that he gets now! When he was almost 3 years old he returned to the show-world and quite "loudly" as he started to win everywhere in strong competition
This boy has great kissing, funny
 temperament, full set of teeth, good head and exterior. He is our hope and love : ) According to mythology Kronos → during antiquity, Kronos was interpreted as Chronos, the personification of time.

Name: Roni (Silvento Kronos)
Born: June 20, 2016

Teeth: full set
Breeding status: opened for studs worldwide
Coursing: runs (qualified)

Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Owner: "Silvento" & Vizhutkina E. (Kiev, UA)
Height: 37 cm (official)

Link to photoAlbum of Kronos

 Silvento Kronos italian greyhound puppy silvento-kronos-levretka-kobel-kiev

DNA tests and health:

Knees: 0/0 (11/2019 official)
Heart:  CLEAR & no murmur (7/7/2019)
Color genotype
: ay/a B/B  d/d  E/e  KB/-
Cream carrier, had cream puppies

COI → 0,89 % (7 generations)
plMulti Ch
 Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum
swedC.I.B. Py's Kesell swedCH Gatecastle's Bentley EnglCH Jemalsheva Peter Pan 
swedCH Racing Greys Enzymiana
swedCH  Py's Samsara  ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Sobers Bravissimo 
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Sobers Teza 
belg CH Gobi of Tiglash Pileser belgWW'02 C.I.B.
Dynastie-Durrani's Yehudi Blue
belgCH Kafiristan's Fidelio 
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belgEliza Couleurs D'automne  belgCyrano Couleurs D'automne 
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fr Petit lévrier italienC.I.B. Anthinea du Domaine de Chanteloup
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lvC.I.B. Eledi Grace Hadria di FR
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