Our Italian Sighthounds

– shipping of semen is available worldwide 

Born: June 20, 2016

Born: November 30, 2015

левретка кобель маленький Silvento Eleusis

Born: June 26, 2012

Born: November 09, 2020

All our Silvento Italian Greyhound males are available for stud. Shipping of semen is available around the world as well. For sure we do obey and follow the restrictions & recommendations set by the Ukrainian Kennel Club but we reserve the right to decline any of stud-requests without any explanation. So if you are interested in one of our Italian Sighthound boys, please write us. Dont forget to send female's presentation and her pedigree. Pictures are appreciated as well.

italian sighthound Silvento-Euthenia

Born: June 26, 2012

курсинг левретка Сильвенто Эсти

Born: June 10, 2014
co-owned, lives in RUSSIA

левретка Silvento diamoura angiletta

Born: May 10, 2010


Born: Nov 16, 2010

Левретка Люсси

Born: Nov 17, 2011
co-owned with kl FiestaVentura

In our memory forever...

mila s alekseevskogo dvora левретка

May 04, 2005 - September 22, 2015

Silva Aleks

Сильва Алекс

May 1995- July 2005