Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora

04.05.2005 – 22.09.2015
This pain is just too real and seems will be never stopped … miss you, my baby …

She was my shadow for 10,5 years. She was the best part of me, she was the best one from they all…the most smart from all the team, the most brave, she was my “bell” and guard-dog, my girl…She was always healthy and visited vet only for vaccination, she never did troubles, was well behaved, clever, understood human speech from the first word. She could smile and produced hundred of sounds, tones of barking and grunting and we knew what each of them means. She was my best friend who knew when I feel bad or great, who woke me up each morning, who nursed several generations of Italian greyhounds. Mila was great nurse for many of her descendants, the best one mother and foundation bitch of our kennel. I didn’t knew that it is possible to cry for so many days and don’t know when it will be stopped…
She was young for breed’s age but it was impossible to save her. Mila has passed away on my hands in the clinic, in my arms after a hard night and her the most loved breakfast and chocolate candy that drove her crazy all her life. Still cannot put up with this loss.
We buried Mila near our cat, her friend during all her life who passed away this year as well. This hurts too much…
She was MY dog, part of me, a huge part…

Junior champion of Ukraine
Champion of Ukraine
Grand Champion Ukraine

2*BJ, 8*CAC, 2*BOB, 5*BB, 2*R.CACIB, BIG-3

левртка Mila s Alekseevskogo DvoraMila is my proud and my little baby – the SMARTEST italian greyhound I’ve ever seen, she always was and would be little princess in our family’s memories, that made me fall in love with sighthounds. Thanks to Mila we registered our kennel. She was the most diligent, smart, delicate, sweet italian greyhound – sometimes it seems to me that she could read my minds as she knew when we have to sleep, when I will wake up, when I have to go outdoor and even when I was parking – I could get a call from my mother who would say – that Mila already is waiting for me near the door. She never allowed anyone to enter my flat if she doesnt know this person, she knew well what it means “find Hellica”, “bring your toy”, “where is mom”, “let’s go sleep” etc … Yes – she is my love, my angel and miracle, she did so much for me, and I really made all that is possible to give it back to her. Her breeding career was finished and she was retired for a long time as she was already mated for 3 times and gave me wonderful girls from her last litter. Mila was spayed and was the healthiest dog with shiny coat, good teath, totally healthy heart and fully healthy life for her 10 years.

Nickname: Mila
Born: May 04, 2005
Breeder: kl “S Alekseevskogo Dvora” (UA)
Owner: Stakhorska Alina, kl “Silvento”
Heigh: 36 cm (officially)

PhotoAlbum of Mila

5 years oldMila 4 years oldMila 5 months old
Health tests:
Heart: ok (10/2012) ok (12/2013) ok (01/2014) ok (03/2015)
Knees: ok (01/2014)
Color genotype: ay/ay  B/B  d/d  EM/-  KB/ky

Silvento Astraios Greek Titan
2009: Silvento Casadei Cesario
INT CH Silvento Diamoura Angioletta
CH Silvento Diamantine Tenera
Silvento Diablitta Rubesta

COI → 6,25% (4 generations)
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