Cirneco dell'Etna Silvento Octavia was that one girl that was mine just from her birth and everyone knew it from our Instagram. I was huge love right after she made her first breath.
Cirneco Silvento Octavia is smart and kinda genius who had IQ not for her age, she has amazing head, ears, dark eyes, good size and just charming temperament.
It was not easy to agree but her co-owner was SO stubborn writing and calling me that when Tavi was almost 3 months old I agreed to let her leave to Alina from Lviv but she is still a part of our family andis co-owned by us - Silvento kennel.
Regarding the name - Octavia was the elder sister of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus (known also as Octavian), the half-sister of Octavia the Elder, and the fourth wife of Mark Antony.
Nickname: Tavi (Silvento Octavia)
Born: April 27, 2020
Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Owner: kl "Silvento" & A.Maksymenko (Ukraine, Lviv)

Teeth: full set acc. the age
Height: (will be measured at 6 m.o.)

Link to the Album of cirneco Silvento Olympias or sunscribe to her hashtag in Instagram / Facebook #SilventoOctavia

COI → 5,19% (4 generations)
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