International Champion
Champion of Eurasia 2012
Champion of RKF, Champion of Russia
Champion of Belarus, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Ukraine

Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Ukraine

11*CAC,  8*BOB, 5*CACIB, 2*r.CACIB, 4*jCAC, 4*jBOB,  9*BOS,  2*BIG-2, BIG-3, 3*BIG-1
Qualification for dfs Crufts 2012

levretka silvento diamoura angiolettaAmoura - is the most "kissing-girl" in our family...Calm, tender, smart. Amoura is that kind of dogs that really loves dog-shows. She is in co-ownership with our good friend Tanya, who is also right-hand of Silvento Kennel. I have to admit that both Tanya and our Amoura are like one part of each other. I'm very thankful to Tanya for all care that she gives to Amoura and happy that many years ago I took a decision to leave Amoura in our "family", she is just a small angel of our family, show-star in past who became INT CH and lazy sofa-girl at the moment. Amoura has full set of teeth, good height, body and has gained a reputation of great producer.
As on 2016 - 100% of her offspring (8 italian greyhounds that were born from her) were showed at the dog-shows successfully and 50% - Champions or Junior Champions.

Nickname: Amoura
Born: May 10, 2010
Owner / Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Teeth: full set

Height: 34,5 cm (official)*

Link to PhotoAlbum of Amoura

Левретка Диамура 16 месяцев Левретка Диамура 5 месяцев
Health tests:
Eyes: no hereditary diseases (10/2015)
Knees: 0/0 (10/2015)
Heart: ok (05/2019)
Color genotype: ay/ay  B/-  d/d  EM/-  KB/-
Eye test certificate

CH Silvento Eleusis
CH Silvento Euthenia
CH Silvento Eucleia
Silvento Italus
Silvento Iuppiter
Silvento Isida
Silvento Ilithyia
CH Silvento Jason


COI → 0,78% (4 generations)
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*  17.04.2011 - judge Elena Kruus