Новости питомника Silvento

Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento – new family member of Silvento

Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento – is the collaboration our kennel Silvento and Liuda’s kennel that we planned for many years. There were no doubts that Osiris will be our keeper. This italian greyhound boy lives with his daddy Silvento Kronos and his human family – Artem and Elena who are the part of our kennel and hopefully our co-breeders in the future. Italian greyhound Osiris got WOW temperament from his daddy as well as nice movements and very strong psychics. He is cream and was born from 2 DNA tested parents and has very promising exterior. So we do hope he will be not just beloved family member but will be showed and maybe a new coursing star like his daddy, for more info visit his page on our web 👉🏻 Zabava Znaty Osiris Silvento

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Cirneco dell’Etna DNA tests – Degenerative myelopathy

Sad to write but we are the only one who does health tests and did DNA tests for cirneco in Ukraine… We are happy to write that DNA results of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) came this week and both our cirneco girls are CLEAR. Our cirneco Siri aka the 1st cirneco dell’Etna in Ukraine Creta Del Gelso Bianco and her daughter aka the first born cirneco in Ukraine –  Silvento Medea both clear and not carriers. Just to remind you – all our news are posted on Instagram & Facebook FOLLOW US there as our web is updated just once per month. Sorry – no time for site at all.

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Silvento iggy & cirneco. Instagram

FOLLOW US! As I have no time at all due to work, life, family – I have no time for web-updates as well. So since now ALL puppies-updates will be published on our Instagram and maybe in several weeks/days on our web. So Follow us there or on Facebook ♥ Some of our italian greyhounds and cirneco dell’Etna have their own hashtags and it makes your life easier to find this/that dog: Cirneco: Boys #SilventoMercury (UA, belongs to us),  #SilventoOrpheus (UK), #SilventoOdin (LT), #SilventoOrion (CZ) and for sure girls of cirneco #SilventoMedea и #CretaDelGelsoBianco and the youngest – 6 months old puppy – #SilventoOctavia (these 3 girls belong to us) and one more that was exported to UK is #SilventoOlympias Italian greyhounds: Males who have tags are #SilventoEleusis,  #SilventoJason, #SilventoKronos, and we have several females with tags but sorry – fed up to copy the links it would be easier to find out more about kennel life by our own tag #silvento that you can follow as well.

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Cirneco puppy Silvento Octavia. 1st dog-show

Cirneco dell’Etna puppy Silvento Octavia was entered to the International Dog-Show CACIB in Uzhorod city (Ukraine). Octavia had her small birthday this weekend and was just 5 months old. We are very proud of not only our cirneco puppy – Octavia but more of her co-owner Alina. Well done, girls! It was the first dog-show both for Alina (co-owner) and Silvento Octavia and I’m very thankful to Alina for care, handling and long trip she did to get to Uzhhorod city Ukraine / Uzhhorod CACIB 2020 26.09.2020 Judge – Buslav Olena (Ukraine) Silvento Octavia – v.promissing Best Baby

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Cirneco dell’Etna. Puppies are 4 months old

Cirneco dell’Etna puppies Date of birth: 27 APR 2020, Stud: abroad 🇮🇹 All puppies were reserved before turned 2 m.o. 🏆World winners, European winners, FI champion, IT champion, INT champion etc ♥Today our Silvento Cirneco dell’Etna puppies turned 4 months old! My congratulations to all their owners around Europe. I do feel proud to have such litter in our home and seems 6 200 km that we have passed to IT were quite right thing as we have amazing cirneco puppies from two the best kennels of Italy and the world. Silvento Orpheus –  UK Silvento Olympias – UK  Silvento Orion – CZ (we keep breeding rights) Silvento Odin  –  LT (we keep breeding rights if he is going to be castrated) Silvento Octavia –  UA. Tavi is co-owned by our Silvento cirneco family No words to describe how I’m thankful to the breeders/owners of Hadranensis Toto’ for valuable opportunity to make such amazing combination, for all the support I had during the stud and pregnancy of Siri, all advices and trust I got. Thank you, Jane Moore and Domenico Tricomi!  Was it expensive? Yes. Hard? Yes. But as the founder of the breed in Ukraine I suppose we had to do all the best and find the best male, and I’m sure – we did.

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Cirneco and Italian greyhound. Puppies and plans.

Italian greyhound and Cirneco dell’Etna puppies: To be short – all our cirneco puppies were reserved before they turned 2 months old☺️ With such bloodlines and combination after the stud that took place in IT (6200km) seems there were no other options. Most of the red kids will go to the families who have cirneco already and it do means a lot for me as a breeder.🧡 Italian greyhound puppies – no puppies now but we plan 1 stud for this autumn. It will be the first stud of italian greyhounds for last 2 years. As soon as we have any news – I will make a post in our Instagram. And some words about our web – I do have no time to update it oftenly and see no sence. ❗️Everyone follow us in 👉🏻 INSTAGRAM and 👉🏻 FACEBOOK, where we online 24\7❗️

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