Our Achievements

100+ Champion, World Winners and European Winners, INT CH etc titles. 350+ dog-shows visited around the world since 2005

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Our History

15+ years - is the age of our iggy & cirneco family-type kennel. Silvento is in cynology since 2005

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Our Philosophy

- DNA tested & healthy cirneco and iggies
- Breed-type
- Strong temperament

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Latest news

Latest news from the life of our Silvento family. More news about our cirneco and italian greyhounds → in the section "News" of our website

Need more information about Silvento?

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You can call me any time to discuss genetics, cynology, breeding etc or ask for advise.

I don't check email or Instagram Direct often as I have job, family and seems enjoying my life too much. Lol. But I'm always eager to speak by phone as it will save my time

Silvento - is a home type kennel and we have few dogs at home as 80% of the dogs that belong to us - live in co-ownership with our friends still being a part of the kennel. But we are totally NORMAL people who own dogs only for love and make matings 1 time in 2-3 years and only if we want to keep someone with us.

And we are eager to meet with you as we travel to EU and Asia almost every month. Follow us in Instagram

Health is our top priority. DNA matters.
We test our dogs in the labs of USA and Europe for genetic diseases known for Italian Greyhounds and Cirneco dell'Etna.

Why ?! In order to give you a HEALTHY puppy, without hidden diseases.
We are open and post the results of DNA tests and examinations of our dogs in our social networks and on the pages of our dogs here

Socialization of the puppies and teaching them good manners from the early age - is our must-have.

Our dogs travel with us to all ski resorts in Europe 🇪🇺 , and during summer they swim in the Mediterranean Sea and GOOD behave of my dogs is important for me, as well as the ability to leave them in the hotel or take to a restaurant without making any inconvenience to the visitor and be able to relax myself.

I understand how important it is to have well-behaved dog a companion! Watch our videos of our shopping in Milan and the behavior of our dogs in the shops for more info

We have puppies extremely rare. Our accents are correct breeding, DNA testing of the dogs before mating and studs ONLY if we wanna keep someone from the future litter. We DO NOT use dogs "just to have puppies", and don't waste the resources of our girls:

  • we often refuse to mating-requests if we don't like females
  • we may refuse to sell puppies to people we don't like
  • we do not have fixed prices for our puppies
  • the cost of our puppies depends on our expenses. Mating in Italy costs 4000+ euros (if travel from UA), mating in UA or RUS starts from 1000 euros, there may be 1-2 puppies in the litter or 6-7 puppies. Logic is clear
  • we had puppies for both 300 euros and 1500 euros (see above why. Depends)

Why Silvento?

We are independent in our views on Cirneco dell'Etna and Italian greyhound breeds.

We strickly follow the selected type of the breed and no matter how beautiful italian sighthound and cirneco is – we don’t use in breeding dogs that don’t satisfy us by type, quality, health, temperament.

We are not interested in the beauty of the pedigree of the italian greyhound or cirneco dell'Etna “on paper” if it doesn’t correspond her real quality in real life.

Our dogs are DNA tested and by our results, italian greyhounds and cirneci of Silvento confirm the correctness of the way we have chosen: we show, breed and present you iggies and cirneco dogs that are loved by us, judges and the audience

Looking for IGGY or CIRNECO puppy?!

Visit our puppy sections or even better - FOLLOW US on Instagram, as we update it daily if to compare with our web that is updated quite rarely