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Cirneco Silvento Medea – is INT CH

This is about the trust as it was the first time in the past 10+ years when I decided to send one of our kids alone to the dog-show WITHOUT me … I met Alena about 3 years aago for the first time and she was well-known handler in Kharkiv city that is 500 km from Kyiv, a bit later she became a personal handler of our boy Silvento Mercury and I loved her work in the ring. It was begining of winter 2021 when Alena came to Kiev with our Silvento Mercury for semen collection on request of other person and I decided to meet her and our boy on railway station and bring them to Repro but it happeneed that we spent the whole day togather and at the end she offered to take someone of our dogs to her next trip to some shows. As I saw how she behaved with Mercury all that day as a responsible “courier” at that time who had to bring him to Kiev for semen collection – it was pretty seen that she is TOP responsible lady. In 1 week I called her and told that I need her help with handling. So in several more weeks our cirneco lady Silvento Medea travelled to Moldova with Alena and it was 21.01.2022 when Silvento Medea was showed by Alena and judged by Sergey Volynets and finished her International Champion title. Thank you, Alena, for being a part of our team, for your work and time!

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Slovenia. CACIB CELJE, our cirneco Silvento Medea – champion SI

Cirneco dell’Etna Silvento Medea finished the title of CH SI during our 6 200 km trip by car. It was our 1st dogshow in Slovenia 🇸🇮 during 1️⃣5️⃣ years of dog-show experience. Cirneco girl Silvento Medea decided to behave more than good and to move like a ⭐️so:  Slovenia / Celje CACIB CELJE 2020 22.02.2020 Judge – Kalvo Kriisk (EE) Silvento Medea – CAC CACIB BOB finishedCH SI CACIB 🏆 BOB this time alone at Celje dog-show and in 10 min after the ring we left the show and went to Celje castle 🏰 and in several hours were in Italy 🇮🇹. We didn’t stay for BIS competitions as seafood 🦞is always better than any BIS competitions. Dogs enjoyed sofa in the hotel where I have booked 50m2 room for them with Venice view. We do feel proud of this “first born” in Ukraine Cirneco dell’Etna girl! Well done, Medea. We love you 😘 

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Сirneco dell’Etna – Silvento Medea Junior Champion of Ukraine

Cirneco dell’Etna, our red beauty Silvento Medea finished Junior Champion of Ukraine title. HURAY! It is the first #borninukraine cirneco who finished JChUA title. We visited Lider & OptiMeal 2019 CUP, – it was double CAC show in Kyiv. Medea behaved just great and it was SO pleasant to get amazing comments from the judge from Italy during the second day of the show. Video from the dog-shows you may find in our Instagram page — don’t forget to subscribe ♥ or our YouTube account ♥ Full results of our cirneco Silvento Medea from the dog-show. “Lider cup 2019”  09.03.2019 САС / Kyiv / UA Judge – Aleksandar Petrovic (Serbia) Silvento Medea –  jCAC  BOB finished JCHUA “OptiMeal Cup” 10.03.2019 САС / Kyiv / UA Judge – Francesco Di Paola Nuzzo (Italy) Silvento Medea – jCAC  BOB

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Silvento Medea – cirneco dell’Etna. Acana & Espri 2019 CUP

Cirneco dell’Etna Silvento Medea visited Acana & Espri 2019 CUP. It was CAC show in Kyiv. Our Medea was showed really well if to consider that she didn’t visit any handling classes since October. Her “big cirneco mom” Creta Del Gelso Bianco came with us to see baby Medea in the ring, not sure if she was proud but she was happy for sure to play with other dogs. Video from the ring you may find in our Instagram page — don’t forget to subscribe. Regarding Best in Show competitions – we decided to have a walk in the park instead of waiting for BestinShow as show was in a very small pavillion and there were totally no room for dogs and people and was some crazy flow of people. In other words this dog-show was some horror and we will not enter our dogs for this show in 2020 for sure. “Acana cup 2019”  23.02.2019 САС / Kyiv / UA Judge – Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine) Silvento Medea –  jCAC  BOB “Espri Cup 2019” 24.02.2019 САС / Kyiv / UA Judge – Ionescu Augustin (Romania) Silvento Medea – jCAC  BOB

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Cirneco dell’Etna – Silvento Medea as a puppy at IDS

Cirneco dell’Etna puppy Silvento Medea became best puppy at the final International dog show of the year in Ukraine “Crystal Cup of Ukraine“. It was last show in puppy class for Medea as well as the first one as since end of December she will finally enter Junior class. As several days before the show I managed to get sacrum fracture when one of our italian greyhounds during the walk near the lake decided to fall through the ice, being so crazy at 8 years of age to follow ducks … on the ice. And for sure I was so brave that took away all my clothes and decided to follow our IG who was already under the ice…and it happened – I fell down. Our stupid italian greyhound is alive, I managed to get her even with broken sacrum but doctor as well as my pain told me “only slow steps, no running”. SOooooooo Medea was showed by Svetlana Tkach in the ring  😛  I do feel so thankful to Svetlana for showing Medea. It was their first meeting ever and Medea behaved like she knows Svetlana since her early childhood. 09.12.2018 Crystal Cup of Ukraine САСIB / Kiev / Ukraine Judge – Aleksandrov (UA) Silvento Medea – vp Best Puppy

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