I’m happy to see you on our web-site, the first site in Ukraine about the most amazing breed in the world – Italian Greyhounds (Italian Sighthounds) and later was the first one about Cirneco dell'Etna breed. The name of our family-type kennel - “Silvento” was registered in FCI in 2007. Our main breed is Italian Greyhounds and since 2015 Cirneco dell Etna. The name “Silvento” comes from two words Silva and Vento! Silva-was a beautiful dalmatian lady, our little angel, who left us many year ago and vento means wind in Italian. Italian Sighthounds (aka Italian Greyhounds) first of all – are sighthounds, they are smart and fast, fast as the wind, that is why we have chosen the word vento. Now you know what “Silvento” means.

Silvento Mercury & Silvento Medea with breeder of Silvento kennel

We are independent in our views on Cirneco dell'Etna and Italian greyhound breeds. We stricktly follow the selected type of the breed, that we like – no matter how beutiful italian sighthound and cirneco is – we don’t use in breeding dogs that don’t satisfy us by type, quality, health, temperament. We are not interested in the beauty of the pedigree of the italian greyhound or cirneco dell'Etna “on paper” if it doesn’t correspond her real quality in real life. By our results, italian greyhounds and cirneci of Silvento confirm the correctness of the way we have chosen: we show, breed and purchase iggies and cirneco dogs that are loved by us, judges and audience

Stakhorska - silvento edivet Левретка семинар. Биомеханника движений, генетика окрасов собак - Стахорская А. canine_theriogenology_stakhorska

Some words about us

You often could hear from me  “we” or “us” when I write like this I mean all Silvento team and it is not only just me as a breeder – this is a group of people who are my friends and “right hands” of the kennel and who have dogs in co-ownership with me.

Will start from myself.
My name is Alina Stakhorska – since 2011 I’m certified cynologist-breeder of Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) and on June 2013 finished the course Canine Theriogenology at The University of Minnesota, online course of basic vet. at The University of Edinburgh and lot's of courses connected with genetics, veterinary etc. I have active life, work in the government organisation, my spare time try to devote to family, friends and our dogs as the part of the family. From my early childhood I have been living with the dogs: we had collie who helped to make my first steps, jagdterrier - Sheidi von Gohlitzee von Kaltengrund aka ”Sheidi” (relative of the most famous jagdts of USSR) - they were the passion of my father, who is the hunter at his spare time, drahthaar and dalmatian, yorki and then when our dalmatian left us – life stopped for the whole family...It was painful year. Later we have decided to take a puppy and it was our first italian sighthound - Mila who became the foundation female of the kennel and I have realized that Italian greyhounds are my love.
At home I have only 3 "tails" and the rest of my dogs live with our best friends under my strict control. Our Italian greyhounds and cirneco dell'Etna are not my hobby-they are our family members, so we don’t have a lot of dogs and litters as before using female in breeding I used to think for many months and even years about right combination of bloods, exterior and influence of this stud to the breed and population of italian greyhounds and cirneco dell'Etna in our country as well as health of the dogs we will use.
And finally in 10 years in 2015 a huge step in the history of Cirneco dell'Etna breed in Ukraine was done - we have imported the first Cirneco dell'Etna dog from Sicily to Ukraine from the oldest kennel of Sicily - our beauty Creta Del Gelso Bianco who became the first cirneco in UKU stud book. And in 2018 the first litter of cirneco in Ukraine was born, as well as the first dog (male) of cirneco breed was registered in UKU stud book and it was our boy Silvento Mercury. Probably it is time to tell you about the most important person who always helps me, co-owner of our dogs and part of Silvento team:

Аэропорт - левретка Сильвенто Илифия перед полётом с Алиной и Татьяной левретка Сильвенто Эзения и Таня Станищева на прогулке Белоруссия, Витебск - Алина и ЛЕВРЕТКА Сильвенто Галатея Левретка щенки-Киев, Алина и Татьяна Левретка - события питомника Сильвенто с Татьяной Станищевой Eurodogshow левретка Luccila Forum Romanum и Алина

My “right-hand” in our family-type kennel – Tanya Stanishcheva, one of my best friends, person who was tough in many things by me and person I can fully count on in everything. Tanya lives in Kiev and from 2013 is certified cynologist-breeder of Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU).
Probably it was a destiny when I've met her…she called in 2010 and asked me about a puppy of Italian sighthound and I offered her our beauty “Amoura” –Silvento Diamoura Angioletta for co-ownership and seems it was the best decision I've ever made. Since that time Amoura lives with Tanya, showed by Tanya and me in UA and by me abroad. In 2012 Amoura gave birth to 3 puppies and one of them we decided to leave in the Kennel – I’m happy that Tanya supported me in this decision and once again – this puppy co-owned be me and Tanya – it is our beauty Silvento Euthenia – aka “Zenya”. Tanya is a kind a person I can always rely on, chat about my personal life, problems and probably the only one person with whom I may leave my dogs when I’m in business trip or on holidays and even more – it is the only one person whom I trust to show our dogs in the ring. Tanya is my friend, she is my right-hand and second breeder of Silvento Kennel.

Our own main principles of breeding:

-we don't use in breeding Italian sighthound females before they will get 2 years old or before their third season and before we will get results of all health test that are needed;
-all our Italian greyhounds are absolutely healthy and pass through the yearly tests in clinics in Ukraine and European Union;
-we don’t use bitch in breeding more than 3 times;
-all our dogs live in the house with us and we consider them to be wonderful family pets who have strong nervous system, like to travel with us;
-our puppies always grow up with me in my flat and may be sold not earlier then 3 months old;
-our Italian sighthounds don’t live in cages and we don’t cages and even kennel-box at home;
-we don’t sell dogs to puppy mills, for 3d parties “as a present” to someone else in future, etc., with all potential owners I used to deal for a long time before giving a puppy to them;
-with all future owners we always sign agreements!

We used to visit different DOG SHOWs not only in Ukraine but also abroad and were in Poznan – World Dog Show 2006, Paris – WDS 2011, Zalsburg – WDS 2012, Eurasia in Russia – different years, EuroSighthound 2012 in Poland, WDS 2014 in Brno, WDS 2017 in Germany, EDS 2019 in Austria and other shows abroad and in Ukraine – list of them you may find in DogShows section.

I hope my site will be useful for you! I try to update it very often, here you can find the list of Italian greyhounds in Ukraine, results of Ukrainian italian greyhounds in the dog shows in Ukraine and all over the world, news, different articles, links to other kennels, information about puppies in my kennel Silvento and in the kennels of my friends, information about litters of Italian greyhounds and Cinreco in my kennel, photoalbums of IGs etc…