Hellica Forum Romanum

Budesjugendsieger 2011
ÖKWZR Junior Trophy Winner
Champion UA, Champion BLR, Junior CH UA, Junior CH PL, Junior CH BLR


Name: Hellica (Hellica Forum Romanum)
Born: November 10, 2010
Breeder: kl "Forum Romanum" (Poland)
Owner: kl "Silvento"
Height: 33 cm (official)

DNA tests and health:

Luxating Patella: 0/0 (08/2017)
Eyes: ok (08/2017)
Heart: CLEAR & no murmur (05/2020)
Teeth: Full set of teeth
Color genotype: ay/ay  B/-  d/d  E/e  ky/ky


Hellica Forum Romanum - is our little sunny italian sighthound, fearless, very curious and playful with strong temperament ... But she appeared as well to be the most poor import that I could do. Unfortunately she has not the strongest health as well as she is the worst producer as 100% of her puppies were PET-CLASS dogs.

The expectations regarding Hellica Forum Romanum were not fulfilled so her show career had to be stopped and she had to be spayed. But we still love this tiny monster as she is the sweetest italian sighthound in the world, she is my soul, my shade... 


COI → 0 % (4 generations)
fr Petit lévrier italien С.I.B. Brin D'amour du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Oscar du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Honoris Causa Des trois Pyramides
ie ireland italian greyhound Vertragus Quintessenza
fr Petit lévrier italien S'mafia du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Piccolo du domaine de Chanteloup
fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Mon heroine du domaine de Chanteloup
pl C.I.B. Arrakis Forum Romanum dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Fernando belg WorldWinner '02 C.I.B. Dynastie-Durrani's Yehudi Blue
dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Etazia
lv C.I.B. Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum lv CH Eledi Grace Cario Morsello
finl C.I.B. Soltar's My Blue Angel


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