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Italian sighthound Silvento Jason - grey italian greyhound male that was born from the stud that took place abroad and was the only one puppy in the litter so it was decided that he should be left in the family.
Silvento Jason is co-owned with us and live in the family with one more italian greyhound boy in Odessa city near the sea but visit Kyiv and travel around Ukraine each month. Jason is showed a lot, finished obedience training even, was closed for breeding due his sport life till he became 3 years old and finally in Dec 2019 he was allowed to be used in breeding in other kennel.
According to mythology Jason was an ancient Greek mythological hero who was famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Name: Senya (Silvento Jason)
 November 30, 2015
Teeth: full set
Breeding statusopened for studs worldwide

kl "Silvento"
Owner: Grinuk U. & kl "Silvento" (Odessa, UA)
: 37 cm (officially)

Link to Jason's Photoalbum

italian greyhound puppy J litter Italian Sighthound puppy - Silvento Jason 

Health tests:
Color genotype: ay/ay B/B d/d ?E
?/- KB/ky


Altamiruas Zidane (isabella)
Altamiruas Zefira 
Altamiruas Zelda 


COI → 1,17 % (5 generations)
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