Silvento Euthenia

Champion of Ukraine
Junior Champion of Ukraine
Junior Champion of Belarus


Name: Zenya (Silvento Euthenia)
Born: June 26, 2012
Coursing: runs (qualified)
Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Owner: kl "Silvento"
Height: 35 cm (official)
Hashtag: #SilventoEuthenia

DNA tests and health:

Familial Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH): N/N
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-IG1):
AA bb Cc DD EE 
Primary closed angle glaucoma (PCAG):
Luxating Patella: 0/0 (10/2017)
Eyes: ok (07/2015, Poland ESVO)
Heart:  CLEAR & no murmur (09/2020)
Teeth: Full set of teeth
Color genotype: ay/ay  B/B  d/d  Em/e  KB/-

Cream carrier, had cream puppies


Silvento Euthenia - italian greyhound champion, mother and beloved dog with strong temperament!
Euthenia lives with Tanya - my best friend and right hand of our kennel Silvento, who is also co-owner of Silvento Diamoura Angioletta (Zenya's mother).

In 2015 we took this italian greyhound girl to Poland -1600 km were passed and ... Silvento Euthenia became the first italian greyhound from Ukraine that has passed OFFICIAL health test by polish ophthalmologist specialist and has obtained certificate of ESVO (European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology). 

According mythology "Euthenia" → was the ancient Greek female spirit of prosperity.


COI → 0 % (4 generations)
pl CH Inuus Forum Romanum fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Dipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Tipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup
fr Petit lévrier italien EurW'07 '08 C.I.B. Anthinea du Domaine de Chanteloup
pl C.I.B. Artemis Forum Romanum dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Fernando
lv C.I.B. Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum
ua levretka C.I.B. Silvento Diamoura Angioletta ua levretka C.I.B. Galliano P’yari Sarna ie ireland italian greyhound C.I.B. Nico
ua levretka Aisha P’yari Sarna
ua levretka CH Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora ua levretka Sedgar
ua levretka CH Beatris De`Mopagu


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