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левретка Silvento EutheniaSilvento Euthenia - also known as "Zenya" is our small italian greyhound girls. The decision that she has to stay in Ukraine in the kennel was taken just after she was born, so it was decided to leave her in the family! Euthenia lives with Tanya Stanishcheva - my best friend and right hand of our kennel Silvento, who is also co-owner of Silvento Diamoura Angioletta (Zenya's mother).
Euthenia is calm, smart, lazy baby with huge heart and great hunter as well with the full set of teeth and good exterior. According mythology Euthenia was the ancient Greek female spirit of prosperity.
In 2015 we took this italian greyhound girl to Poland -1600 km were passed and ... Silvento Euthenia became the first italian greyhound from Ukraine that has passed OFFICIAL health test by polish ophthalmologist specialist and has obtained certificate of ESVO (European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology). Her eyes are clear : ) This official test was not only a huge step by our kennel but it was indeed a huge step for all the breed in Ukraine and we do hope rest of the owners of this breed in UA will start to test their dogs as well and will use only healthy dogs in their breeding too.
Nickname: Zenya
Born: June 26, 2012
Coursing: runs, not qualified
Owner / Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Teeth: full set
Height: 35 cm (official)

*Link to Zenya's PhotoAlbum

Silvento Euthenia Lwow 
Health tests:
Eyes: clear (07/2015, Poland ESVO)
Knees: 0/0 (10/2017) Heart: ok (12/2018)
Color genotype: ay/ay   B/-   d/d   ?E/e   KB/-
ESVO eye test certificate of Italian greyhound Silvento Euthenia

CH Silvento Hestia
CH Silvento Kupidonas

CH Silvento Kronos
Silvento Kairos
Silvento Kamill

COI → 0 % (4 generations)

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