Silvento Eleusis

Champion of Ukraine, Moldova,
Romania Champion of Russia, Champion of RFSS Junior
Champion of Ukraine, Grand Junior Champion of Ukraine


Name: Zeus (Silvento Eleusis)
Born: June 26, 2012
Breeding status: opened for studs 
Frozen semen available
Coursing: runs (qualified)
Breeder: kl "Silvento"
Owner: "Silvento" & Siroshtan L. (Kiev, UA)
Height: 34,5 cm (official)
Hashtag: #SilventoEleusis

DNA tests and health:

Luxating Patella: 0/0 (05/2016)
Eyes: OK (05/2016)
Heart:  CLEAR & no murmur (09/2020)
Teeth: Full set of teeth
Color genotype
: ay/ay  B/B  d/d  E/-  KB/-

Silvento Eleusis - italian greyhound daddy, Champion and beloved dog!
It is small Italian greyhound male, active and tender with amazing temperament and full set of teeth who visits Coursing from time to time - lives in a company with wolfhound girl.
This boy is available for stud. Stud service abroad as well as close to boarder - is to be discussed. Cold semen can be delivered to any country for a reasonable price during 1-3 days. 

In Greek mythology "Eleusis" → was the eponymous hero of the town of Eleusis.


COI → 0 % (4 generations)
pl CH Inuus Forum Romanum fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Dipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup fr Petit lévrier italien C.I.B. Tipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup
fr Petit lévrier italien EurW'07 '08 C.I.B. Anthinea du Domaine de Chanteloup
pl C.I.B. Artemis Forum Romanum dk C.I.B. Il Cagnolino Fernando
lv C.I.B. Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum
ua levretka C.I.B. Silvento Diamoura Angioletta ua levretka C.I.B. Galliano P’yari Sarna ie ireland italian greyhound C.I.B. Nico
ua levretka Aisha P’yari Sarna
ua levretka CH Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora ua levretka Sedgar
ua levretka CH Beatris De`Mopagu


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