Silvento Nemesis

Italian greyhound SILVENTO Nemesis was born in order to stay with us in the family. So this italian greyhound girl lives in Kyiv with the family of our friends and is co-owned by Silvento family. We do hope to see this grey beauty one day at the dog show. Fingers are crossed. At least she fount the best one family where she is loved. Silvento Nemesis, according ancient Greeks – is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods). Another name is Adrasteia (or Adrestia), meaning “the inescapable”.

Nickname Greta (Silvento Nemesis)
Born: Sep 16, 2018
Breeder: kl “Silvento”
Owner: Vasylenko N. & kl “Silvento” (Kyiv, UA)
Teeth: full set
Height: 34 cm (not official)

Photoalbum of Silvento Nemesis

Health tests:
Color genotype: ay/ay   B/-   d/d   EM/?e?  ?ky?/ky


COI → 3,5 % (4 generations)
In-Extremis Du Domaine De Chanteloup
 C.I.B.  Brin D’Amour Du Domaine De Chanteloup
C.I.B.Oscar du Domaine de Chanteloup
S’Mafia Du Domaine De Chanteloup
C.I.B. Anthinea Du Domaine De Chanteloup
C.I.B. Tadzio Tiepolo Du Manoir Des Ombreuses
Pomme D’Api Du Domaine De Chanteloup
Silvento Euthenia
plCH Inuus Forum Romanum
fr Petit lévrier italienC.I.B. Dipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup
plC.I.B. Artemis Forum Romanum
ua levretkaC.I.B. Silvento Diamoura Angioletta
ua levretkaC.I.B. Galliano P’yari Sarna
ua levretkaCH Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora
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