Silvento Isida


Silvento Isida Kassel windspielItalian greyhound Silvento Isida – aka Isida fount her home in Germany and will live in a company with whippet. Isida was the smallest in the litter and with amazing temperament and exterior, just perfect small baby. We will miss this small star (Italienisches Windspiel) and will hope that she will enter show-ring one day. Wish happy life to our Silvento Isida in Germany with her new owner Beata. Isida – is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt in mythology.

Nickname: Isida (Silvento Isida)
Born: Oct 01, 2014
Breeder: kl “Silvento”
Owner: Beata Mehrhoff (Korbach, Germany)
Teeth: full set
Height: 36 cm (not official)

PhotoAlbum of Isida

 Silvento Isida Italienisches Windspiel

COI → 0,159 % (8 generations)
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 Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum
swedC.I.B. Py’s Kesell swedCH Gatecastle’s Bentley EnglCH Jemalsheva Peter Pan 
swedCH Racing Greys Enzymiana
swedCH  Py’s Samsara  ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Sobers Bravissimo 
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Sobers Teza 
belg CH Gobi of Tiglash Pileser belgWW’02 C.I.B.
Dynastie-Durrani’s Yehudi Blue
belgCH Kafiristan’s Fidelio 
belgC.I.B. Una Paloma of Devils Pigeons 
belgEliza Couleurs D’automne  belgCyrano Couleurs D’automne 
belgSamoa De Zybota 
ua levretkaC.I.B.
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta
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ie ireland italian greyhoundLavinia Del Gioco Di Vento
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