Silvento Odin

Cirneco dell’Etna boy Silvento Odin was born from the true Sicilian-Italian cirneco couple from the stud that took place in Italy.

I do think that Silvento Odin is the most well-behaved and polite boy that was born in our home during last 15 years. He is amazing, sweet, calm and behaved like a real lord. He was born to live in a family with children as he is extra-sweet boy and to be honest – if he is not reserved by his mom Akvile – we would stay in our family so mucg we liked him!

Cirneco male Silvento Odin is owned by a lovely lithuanian family that lives not far from Vilnius in a big friendly family. I’m quite sure that our Odin will be loved in his new home. 

According to mythology: Odin is the god of wisdom, poetry and magic in Norse mythology.

Nickname: Odinas (Silvento Odin)
Born: April 27, 2020
Breeder: kl “Silvento”
Owner: A.Buteikiene Lithuania

Teeth: full set acc. the age
Height: (will be measured at 6 m.o.)

Link to the PhotoAlbum of cirneco Silvento Odin or you can find his photos in Instagram / Facebook by #SilventoOdin hashtag

COI → 5,19% (4 generations)
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