Amost 6 000 km by the car in January - and stud in Italy was done
of our Sicilian girl with the cirneco male from
 Sicily (Italy).
At the end of March 2018, we expect first litter in Ukraine of Cirneco dell'Etna puppies.

It was a long way of 1,5 year to find the correct Cirneco male for our girl. Exterior (starting from the head axes and finishing by the tail set), full set of teeth, health, temperament, movement, interesting pedigree and proper lines in male's pedigree for our female - main points that made us pass this unreal and long way by the car during winter period of the year. Pedigree of really VERY expected litter that was planed for so long is: 

ie ireland italian greyhoundСH Giulio

ie ireland italian greyhound CH Rocco
ie ireland italian greyhoundPablo
ie ireland italian greyhoundINT CH Zoe
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Ambra Del Falco Rosso
ie ireland italian greyhoundFoster Del Falco Rosso
ie ireland italian greyhoundFresia Del Falco Rosso
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Creta Del Gelso Bianco
ie ireland italian greyhoundСH Kiro
ie ireland italian greyhound CH Willy
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Brina Del Gelso Bianco
ie ireland italian greyhoundBimba
ie ireland italian greyhoundCH Mose' Del Gelso Bianco
ie ireland italian greyhoundApe

Cirneco puppy - was our dream for 10 years until I did my trip to Sicily to take our amazing cirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco. We love her by all our hearts. She is the best dog ever for us. Her Sicilian temperament, her brains, ability to understand our mood, her love - all this describes our red beauty. She was the 1st cirneco imported to Ukraine from Sicily. Creta almost finished her INT CH title, that will be done soon, she visited so many shows and countries, travelling with us for holidays around the Europe. She is the best one girl and for sure we did all the best to find this amazing boy for her. Let's keep fingers crossed now 🙂