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Silvento Euthenia
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta Hellica Forum Romanum

Born: June 26, 2012
левретка Silvento diamoura angiletta
Born: May 10, 2010
Born: Nov 16, 2010
Silvento Hestia Silvento Gaia
Lucilla Forum Romanum
курсинг левретка Сильвенто Эсти
Born: June 10, 2014
co-owned, lives in RUSSIA
levretka-silvento gaia
Born: April 10, 2014
co-owned, lives in USA/UA

Born: Nov 17, 2011
co-owned with kl FiestaVentura


ua levretkaMales co-owned   - reasonable price for cold semen shipping around the world
Silvento Eleusis Silvento Kronos Silvento Jason
левретка кобель маленький Silvento Eleusis
Born: June 26, 2012

Born: June 20, 2016
italian greyhound male stud
Born: November 30, 2015


ua levretkaIn our memory forever...
Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora Silva Aleks
mila s alekseevskogo dvora левретка
May 04, 2005 - September 22, 2015
Сильва Алекс
May 1995- July 2005
You took my heart, you took my soul.
Gone too soon, a part of me is now with her...
You was my best friend and a real member of our
family for 10 years... We will never forget you.