Cirneco dell'Etna puppy. 1st cirneco in Ukraine are 3 months old

6 - July - 2018

Cirneco dell'Etna puppyCirneco dell'Etna puppy - available for sale. UDP 10/07/2018 - was reserved the next day after announcement and will leave to United Kingdom in several weeks already.
Parents are 100% sicilan, stud of 2 dogs from Sicily in Italy ie ireland italian greyhound
Very human-oriented puppy, good head, exterior, tail, neck as well as temperaments. all this is about cirneco dell'Etna puppy - Silvento Mars.

It was 3 months of eaten sofa, walls, destroying the yard, killed birds and mouse (oh god....) - this 3 months with the small red hunters were just amazing. I do will miss this time. Babies brought us two times already a mouse and one tine small bird. Oh God, how loudly I was screaming. This cirneco puppies -are so funny, so smart and so earth addicted as all the yard is like after some war with the mole. Silvento Mars and Silvento Midas visited dog-shows already and became Best Babies, Medea seems will stay with us in the family. Puppies walk 2 times a day already around the city, visit bars and shops with us and are taught how to be have well in society.

It was not easy at all to decide to sell cirneco Mars as this cirneco puppy sleeps with us already, behaves like crazy when we are back from work and it is just an amazing dog in totall if to be honest. I do hope he will find show-hands and will be showed and loved in his new family.

Cirneco dell'Etna puppies at 1st their dog-show (3 months old)

25 - June - 2018

Cirneco dell'Etna puppies got their first small titles at the national dog show - BEST BABY. Our red boys who turned only 3 months old at that day - Silvento Mars (available cirneco puppy) & Silvento Midas celebrated this small birthday in the ring at CAC dog-show 100 km from Kiev (June 23-24, 2018). Cirneco dell'Etna breed was judged by Bulelik Natalia (Belarus) during the first day of the show and judge Sivak Leonid (Moldova) during second day of the show.

Silvento Mars cirneco puppy Silvento Midas cirneco puppy

cirneco puppy Silvento Midas was showed during the first day and small brother Silvento Mars at the second day of the dog-show. Both behaved well as well as their red sister Silvento Medea, who enjoyed 2 days of the dog show spending funny time with us. first day was really awful as it was only +10 and it was hard to believe that it was +30 2 days before the show but not looking to the rain and cold weather Silvento Midas showed really nice as well as Mars next day. So welcome to the show-team, our small #firstcirnecoinUA cirneco puppies and now - ♥ BEST BABY ♥

Italian greyhound male for stud

7 - May - 2018

Italian greyhounds males are available for stud in Ukraine and outside, as well as cold-semen shipping is offered. At the moment we have 3 males of italian sighthound breed. All 3 are Junior Champions or Champions, but were showed in any cesa as well as took part in coursing and have great results.

1) Silvento Eleusis - had studs already. Blue color, small size, smart boy. He is the champion of different countries, did coursing. Eleusis lives in Kiev but has no problems to travel with his owner for the stud outside the country.
2) Silvento Jason - aka Senya. Young and promissing male of a good size. He was the only one puppy from the litter. Jason came from the stud that took place abroad (outside UA) with the male from Latvia. He is missing only  CACIB to finish his INT Ch as well as time limits of FCI 🙂 Italian Greyhound male Silvento Jason lives in Odessa city.
3) Silvento Kronos - yound as well. Cream-carrier italian greyhound male. Father of 2 litters already. kronos did coursing as well as finished Junior Champion title but due to different circumstances had to change the family even not looking to his perfect temperamend and kind soul. In any case we do hope in his new family he will continue his show career. Kronos lives in Kiev.

*For more info pls contact us - all the contacts can be find at the left column of this site.

Cirneco puppies. 1st puppies of Cirneco dell'Etna in UA - we are 1 month old

5 - May - 2018

Cirneco puppies were not only very expected for us but for all the country. We are growing and we are SOOOO amazing by temperament and exterior that seems this way to Sicily for the stud was worth it. All our cirneco puppies are active, enjoy their happy childhood outside the city, good hunting qualities of future Cirneco are seen already while they have hunting, seeing some frog or bug. They are so sweet and "kissable" babies. If to speak about the exterior - all babies are really amazing. They are so perfect if to be honest that we cannot open the reservation now as we dont know who will stay with us in co-ownership 😳 . Good bite, all the teeth according to age, amazing movement even if to consider that they are so fat, testicles are set on place, perfect heads. OMG - I don't know who must stay with us 😆
Will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our Cirneco puppies, and in several days reservation for puppies will be opened.
All cirneco puppies have their names already. Due to our Home-type kennel tradition - mythology names again. From left to right at photo:
Silvento MEDEA - In Greek mythology, Medea was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis, niece of Circe, granddaughter of the sun god Helios.
Silvento MERCURY - is a major god in Roman religion and mythology. He is the god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages etc.
Silvento MIDAS - king Midas according Greek mythology was known for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.
Silvento MARS - was the most prominent of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army.

Pedigree of really VERY expected and this amazing for Europe litter-M of our cirneco puppies is on the Cirneco Puppies page of our site.

Albuneya Silvento Tiamovento italian greyhound in St. Petersburg

8 - April - 2018

Albuneya Silvento Tiamovento - italian greyhound black girl who visited her first dog-show and got her first win. It was one of the bigest dog-shows in Russia in Saint Petersburg. Our congrats to co-owner of Albuneya Silvento Tiamovento as well as to co-breeder Yana Goncharova.

Belye Nochi 2018
Saint Petersburg / Russia
Albuneya Silvento Tiamovento - exc. jСАС 

UPD may 2018: with tears announce that italian greyhound Albuneya Silvento Tiamovento several days after the show was hit by the car near her house in the park. 🙁

Cirneco puppies. First puppies of Cirneco dell'Etna in UA

24 - March - 2018

щенки чирнеко впервые в Украине1st Cirneco dell'Etna puppies in Ukraine arrived to this world♥ Almost 6 000 km by the car - and stud in Italy was done of our Sicilian girl with the cirneco male from Sicily (Italy). It was a long way of 1,5 year to find the correct Cirneco male for our girl. Exterior (starting from the head axes and finishing by the tail set), full set of teeth, health, temperament, movement, interesting pedigree and proper lines in male's pedigree for our female - main points that made us pass this unreal and long way by the car during winter period of the year.Siri had quite easy whelping. Puppies are fat, healthy and feel good. Pedigree of really VERY expected litter-M of our cirneco puppies is on the Cirneco Puppies page of our site.