IDS “Ekaterinburg-XXI” in Russia, Silvento Hestia

Silvento Hestia - ANDRAS POLGAR (SERBIA)

Italian greyhound breed at International Dog Show «Ekaterinburg-XXI», that took place in International exhibition center «Ekaterinburg Expo» 22-23 Nov 2014, this year was presented just by 3 italian greyhounds but still we were happy to hear results of our IG baby Silvento Hestia from the ring. Silvento Hestia is co-owned by us but lives in Russia with her wonderful owner Iana Goncharova. It was second dogshow for little black princess Hestia, she was adored by the judge Andras Polgar when decided to kiss his just in the ring and for sure made me and Tanya smile when we were looking video of Silvento Hestia from the ring at youtube. Our congratulations to Hestia’s co-owner Iana Goncharova and our huge thanks for her handling, showing at the show! Thank you, Iana : )

Ekaterinburg, Russia
“Ekaterinburg-XXI”, САСIB 22/11/2014
Judge – Andras Polgar (Serbia)
Silvento Hestia – very promissing  Best Baby

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