Dog-show in Moldova and other shows of our IGs in October

While I was abroad, travelling on business for more than one month in Korea, China and Europe our Silvento team made one more surprise for me! Funny, but each dog-show in Moldova of Katya Stepanova – owner of our dogs, and my friend – is connected with my trips, this time there was no exclusion as well. I was in the airport on my way to Hungary when was waiting for the news from Katya, who was already at the show in Moldova. So while I had a nice trip on weekend to Austria and Hudgary with my friend Liuda Zarudnaya (borzoi and italian greyhound kl “Zabava Znaty”) – Katya was showing our italian greyhound Lucilla Forum Romanum in Moldova (5-6 October) where 2 CACIB and 4 CAC shows were held. Italian greyhounds at that dog-shows were judged by Jovanovic Nemanja (Serbia), Hans van den Berg (Netherlands), Cristian Stefanescu (Romania), Lavrova Liudmila (Moldova), Boris Chapiro (France), Dinky Santos (Philippines). My congratulations to Katya with the win of our baby Lucci, who finished 3 new titles during her trip.

Lucilla Forum Romanum – 2*CACIB  6*CAC  6*BOB
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Philippines
Champion of Moldova

Except Moldova show I was surprised by the news from Kharkiv (UA), when had a call from my friend with the news that our baby Silvento Eucleia was entered to double CAC shows in Kharkiv (26-27 October, 2013) and even won BOB on day 1 of the dog-show. I just came back to ukraine from Korea and hardly could think about anything after 27 hours aboard when had that call. There were 3 italian greyhounds at teh dog show on that days, Silvento Eucleia was entered to junior class, Albioli Socrates was in open class and one more puppy female in the ring. Italian greyhounds were judged by Elzbieta Chwalibog (Poland) on day-1 and Shiyan Tatyana on the second day of the show. My congrats to the owner of Eucleia and co-owner of this litter in our kennel – Tanya Stanishcheva.

Silvento Eucleia – 2*jCAC  2* jBOB  BOB
Junior Champion of Ukraine

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