April - 24 - 2016

Cirneco & Italian sighthound judged by Andras Korozs & Denis Kuzelj at CACIB, Ukraine"From the Ship to the Ball"- it was like this for me. Just after I have left the ship I got happy SMS from Kiev from the first day of CACIB dog-show about our Italian sighthound girl and after a sleepless night in the airport in Venice I was already in the ring at "Ukraine-2016" dogshow - it was second day of double CACIB. I was showing our Cirneco del Etna dog - little star who had her last day at puppy class as since April 25 Siri had to enter Junior class. I'm thankful to Lyuba Syroshtan and Tanya Stanishcheva - our italian sighthound friends for all the help they did for me during that day. 48 hours without sleeping is something ...
As a result - italian greyhound Silvento Gaia finished her CH UA title while I was in Italy and was handled by her handler Sasha Ushakov and seems she won't be showed anymore as Gaia lost all her interest for the shows she had before and from other side cirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco finally entered junior class  and became Best Puppy for the last time. Welcome to the adult life, Siri 🙂

"Golden Gates 2016" 
23.04.2016  Kiev / САСIB
Judge - Denis Kuzelj (Boulgaria)
Silvento Gaia - exc-2 rCAC rCACIB Champion of Ukraine

"Ukraine 2016"
24.04.2016  Kiev / САСIB
Judge - Andras Korozs (Hungary)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta Del Gelso Bianco - vp Best Puppy