Silvento team in Kharkiv

While I stacked in Kiev due to work I had our Silvento team was showed in Kharkiv. All 3 puppies from our last litter – E were showed at that dog-shows: Silvento Euthenia, Silvento Eleusis and finally the smallest one – Silvento Eucleia. So team from Kiev was presented there by two dogs – Silvento Euthenia and Eleusis also our Dnepropetrovsk team came to Kharkiv with Silvento Diamantine Tenera and Luccila Forum Romanum and for sure Silvento Eucleia who lives in Kharkiv. Silvento Eleusis became best baby at the first day of the sow and Silvento Euthenia during the second day. Luccila Forum Romanum almost finished her title of Junior GRAND Champion of Ukraine and princess Silvento Diamantine Tenera became BOB, judged by Polivanov from Russia as well as BOB on the second day of the show judjed by Baklushin from Russia. Tina got her 9th BOB there and finished the title of Best Representative of the Breed in Ukraine and was BIG-1 during both days!!! I’m so proud of my girls and their owners – WELL DONE! And just happy that my dogs live by such responsible people, Katya and Sasha, Tanya, Natasha – my thanks to all of you!

Judge – Mstislav Polivanov (Russia) – 4 IGs
20/10/2012 – CAC

Silvento Diamantine Tenera САС  ВОВ ВIG-1 Best Representative of the Breed in Ukraine
Lucilla Forum Romanum jCAC  jBOB
Silvento Eucleia – very promissing
Silvento Eleusis – very promissing, Best Baby

Judge – Gregoriy Baklushin (Russia) – 3 IGs
21/10/2012 – CACIB
“CUP of Kharkiv”

Silvento Diamantine Tenera – САС CACIB  ВОВ ВIG-1
Lucilla Forum Romanum– jCAC  jBOB
Silvento Euthenia – very promissing, Best Baby