Cirneco dell’Etna puppies at 1st their dog-show (3 months old)

Cirneco dell’Etna puppies got their first small titles at the national dog show – BEST BABY. Our red boys who turned only 3 months old at that day – Silvento Mars (available cirneco puppy) & Silvento Midas celebrated this small birthday in the ring at CAC dog-show 100 km from Kiev (June 23-24, 2018). Cirneco dell’Etna breed was judged by Bulelik Natalia (Belarus) during the first day of the show and judge Sivak Leonid (Moldova) during second day of the show.

Silvento Mars cirneco puppy Silvento Midas cirneco puppy

cirneco puppy Silvento Midas was showed during the first day and small brother Silvento Mars at the second day of the dog-show. Both behaved well as well as their red sister Silvento Medea, who enjoyed 2 days of the dog show spending funny time with us. first day was really awful as it was only +10 and it was hard to believe that it was +30 2 days before the show but not looking to the rain and cold weather Silvento Midas showed really nice as well as Mars next day. So welcome to the show-team, our small #firstcirnecoinUA cirneco puppies and now – ♥ BEST BABY ♥

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