2 CACIB, Cup of Lemberg and Galichina

Actually this dog show  in Lviv (also called Lwow) was not planned by me or Tanya…but week before the show started we decided to go to Lviv, mostly for some kinda excursion around Lviv that we all love so much : ) So I, Tanya and Liuda Zarudna started from Kiev at 3 am and arrived to Lviv at almost 10 am, except one IG aboard – Silvento Euthenia, we had also pug in the car and 2 more dogs of other breeds that I promissed my friends to take to Lviv, thanks god I have huge car : ) and the most important I had small princess Azzurra Fiesta Ventura aboard – but about this I will write a bit later )).
So regarding the show, Pepper was strict as always but stil we must admit that we love this judge, last time Tanya showed Silvento Diamoura Angioletta under Pepper in Sevastopol where she got her BOB, this time Diamoura’s daughter Silvento Euthenia got BOB as well under Pepper.  It was long show indeed and we waited for our ring till almost 6 pm, if to consider that I didnt sleep since 2 am so hard to describe how I felt myself there…Except Euthenia there was one more italina greyhounds at the show, male that entered the ring for the first time – Saverio Dei Raggi di Luna, who was best puppy during both days of the show.
In any case we enjoyed this show as well as the whole trip as we visited lot’s of interesting places in Lviv, bought huge amount of souvenirs : ) So here are the full results from the show:

Judge -Zoya Oleynikova (Ukraine)
“Cup of Galichina”
Silvento Euthenia – exc jCAC jBOB  BOB 

Judge – Wilfried Pepper (Germany)
“Cup of Lemberg”

Silvento Euthenia – exc  jCAC jBOB  BOB finished Junior Champion UA

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