Our italian greyhound puppies in new homes (Ireland, France, Spain)

Silvento Freya - FranceSeems they were born just week ago…but time passed so fast…
Will start from the last trips we had – from France
This monday I came back from Paris – as I was travelling with our baby Freya (Silvento Freya) to her new home…Each time I travel to Paris – I meet some adventures. For my luck this time I missed plane from Warsaw to Paris as plane from Kiev to Warsaw was late for 4 hours and all that 4 hours I spent with Freya in the airport. Due to wonderful people – I met in the airport in Kiev  – I had very nice company to spend evening in Warsaw in the best way. Polish airlines had to host me in the hotel and it was Marriott, that by the way doesn’t accept pets …But for sure It didn’t stop me at all and Freya spend excellent night after the walk around Warsaw old city – in the hotel, sleeping near me. In this way I was late to Paris for 15 hours but  in any case I met Diana and Jorg – owners of Freya (Diana and Jorg on the photo from left – near Versaille palace. Freya lives now in Boulogne-Billancourt (often colloquially called simply Boulogne), is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris (France), in the family with one more blue italian greyhound female and King Charles Spaniel. I do thankful to Jorg and Diana for the time they spend with me in Paris, and for the possibility they presented to Freya of having such wonderful owners : )
Before France it was – Spain
This story is about our grand-children…italian greyhound puppies from Silvento Diamantine Tenera, that were born in the home of our good friend Katya Stepanova (Dnepropetrovsk city). Alvera Fiesta Ventura aka “Blue” in her new home went to Spain with me by plane, and again flight was late, thanks god not for 15 hours but only for 1 hour this time. It was the second flight of Vueling company from Ukraine to Spain and the FIRST dog from Uraine that travelled by this airline : ).Alvera Fiesta Ventura - Spain Honestly, this trip was so exhausting as I left home at 4 am, 24 hours with no sleep at all as at 3 am next day I was back to Ukraine again…. But it has sence indeed as I dont like the idea of sending dogs by trains/busses and totally agains cargo so the best one way to get the puppy for our future owners is to come personally to UA or to find the possibility to meet some of our team in the airport or to agree of getting puppy with our polish friends who oftenly travel from UA around the Europe. Katya and me were so happy that Alvera’s new family decided to meet me personally in the airport – and I was extremely happy to meet this wonderful huge family! Alvera lives now in  Castellón de la Plana, commonly known as Castellón, is the capital city of the province of Castelló, in the Valencian Community, Spain. I’m so thankful to Matthew and all his huge spanish-english family that met me in the airport – you all are just amazing people.
The most “not easy” country to import the dog in – Ireland …
Seems someone was really lucky – Katya as a breeder or Erin as a future owner of Azzurra Fiesta Ventura, dont even know who : ) as it is just impossible to bring dog by Azzurra Fiesta Ventura - Irelandplane to Ireland and for sure no one had the desire to pass 8000 km by car from UA to Ireland…Someone was really lucky as our friends from Poland planed a trip to Ireland in June and agreed to take Azzura with them, so Katya brought Azzurra to Kiev to my home and I too her to Lviv by car where I finally gave her to the people who came from Poland to take baby with them – 3 days and Azzurra was kissing her new mother Erin in the port. Now Azzurra lives in County Donegal with her 2 new friends – italian greyhounds that were imported from USA and old spaniel. Katya gets lot’s of emails with photos from Erin each week and Azzurra will be showed very soon on her first dog-show. We are just happy with all the owners we have for our babies – thanks to all of you!!! The last boy – Silvento Frey will stay with us at home till his 4 months old small birthday and then I will decide where he will go.


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