November - 4 - 2019

Our Italian sigthhound (Lebrel italiano) Silvento Nemea had her debut at the dog-shows in Spain, Cadiz in junior class. There were 6 italian greyhounds in the ring. Nemea saw her handler for the first time as well as the show lead and other iggies - and not looking to this she behaved well and did all her best to win. WOW

03.11.2019Exposición Internacional Canina Jerez
6 lebrel italiano in the ring

САСIB-FCI/ Cadiz / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Antoaneta Penkova (Bulgaria)
Silvento Nemea -  exc-1  CCJ  jBOB

02.11.2019 - Exposición Nacional Canina Jerez
6 lebrel italiano in the ring
САС-FCI/ Cadiz / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Alfonso Castells Lladosa (Spain)

Silvento Nemea -  exc-1  CCJ  jBOB jBIG-1

I'm very proud and so thankful to Nemea’s owners and her family as well as to her best one handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez🏆. All this is not only about the exterior BUT this win happened only because of all owner's love, care, efforts and for sure thanks to her handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez. Italian sighthound Silvento Nemea is one step from finishing the title - Junior Champion of Spain. So fingers are crossed...