Silvento Jason – first time in junior class in Odessa city

Silvento Jason - italian greyhound maleItalian greyhound male Silvento Jason (aka Senya) who is just 9 months old and co-owned with us made us happy by his dog-show results at the National dog-show in Odessa city (UA). Italian sighthounds were judged by quite strict judge Agnieszka Onuk (TR).

We are thankful to the owner of Jason, the best one in the world – Julia for all her care, love and efforts done from her side in order to have such handling of this sweet blue puppy in the ring. My congratulations to the owner with such an amazing start of junior career of  Silvento Jason. We are proud of both of you, well done!

“Odesskaya osen'”
25.09.16. САС-UA / Odessa city
Judge – Agnieszka Onuk (TR)
Silvento Jason – exc jCAC jBOB

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