Silvento Kronos italian sighthound male wins again

7 - July - 2019

Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos  this weekend won again and became Best Male - twice at national Dog-Show:

САС-UA / Kyiv
Judge - Jaroslaw Grunt (Poland)
Judge - Demchuk T. (Ukraine)

Silvento Kronos -  2 * CAC  2 * BD 

Our hugs and congratulations to the owners of Kronos - Artem and Elena as well as to the handler of Kronos - to Masha. Well done! You are best team ever. BTW our italian greyhound Silvento Kronos is available for stud.

Poland. Our Cirneco - new INT CH at Wystawa międzynarodowa

30 - June - 2019

 Poland / Krakow
Wystawa międzynarodowa 2019
Judge - Salvatore Tripoli (IT) 🇮🇹

Our Cirneco Dell'Etna - Creta del Gelso Bianco (imp. Sicily) the 1st cirneco in UA finished her International Champion title this weekend in Poland. It was quite long trip around all the Europe starting from EDS and the win of Silvento Medea who became European Junior Winner in Wels, Austria and at the end after Italy, France and Slovenia we came to Poland and finished Siri's C.I.B. title = 6000 km trip.
Creta Del Gelso Bianco - CWC, CACIB, BOB - 🌟⭐️finished PL CH & INT CH 🌟⭐️
Judge of cirneco was Salvatore Tripoli from Italy.

We didn’t stay for finals as already passed 5200 km around all the Europe during that 2 weeks and wanted to get home ASAP! So IKEA .... 😂.... and back to Ukraine 🇺🇦 - all the photos of our trip you will find on our Cirneco Instagram and Facebook page.
My huge congrats and hugs to the breeders of Creta (Siri), thank you for trust and giving us our amazing Cirneco - “Siri”.

Italian Sighthound Speciality - Silvento Kronos winner

23 - June - 2019

Italian Sighthound Speciality 2019 in Ukraine. Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos - Best Dog and BOS, as well as was Best Dog one day before at The national dog-show being the first in the class where dog from Lithuania Arti Belle is Noveles was entered.

"Italian sighthound speciality"
23.06.2019 САС-FCI / Kyiv
Judge - Antoan Hlebarov (Bulgary)
Silvento Kronos - exc-1 CAC BOS

"National Dog Show"
22.06.2019 САС/ Belaya Tserkov
Judge - Igor Selimovic (HR)
Silvento Kronos - exc-1 CAC BD

At Italian Sighthound Speciality 2019 in Ukraine in competition with Silvento Kronos when he won was male from Poland - Keep winning for Sunnymoon z KoloseumLouis Sunnymoon Place and veteran italian greyhound male Arnero Sunnymoon Place. Kronos didn't see show lead for almost 2 years so for us it is double proud that he won in competition. Bravo, Kronos!

My huge thanks to the owners of Kronos! You are amazing!!!

Kronos is available for stud since this year.

Cirneco SILVENTO MEDEA - European Junior Winner 2019

16 - June - 2019

EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2019 / Austrian Winner 2019
15/06/2019 & 16/06/2019
20 Cirneco Dell'Etna entered

exc-1 from 4 females, jCACA
I don’t believe...My cirneco. My breeding.
Creta Del Gelso Bianco - 2*rCACA and was exc - 2/3

This is the win of the breeder of Creta as well Gaetano and Nerina as well. As this is OUR breeding❤️ love you both, my Italian friends!
I’m so proud and surprised. I do feel happy, as Medea is the 1st born #cirneco in 🇺🇦 UA so feel double PROUD 😍

So thankful to our friends as well as team from Finland and Inka Luomanmäki, who helped me with the right decision to show Medea as due to her nose trauma that she got one day before the show. I supposed I should NOT show her at all.
My warm congrats to the winners! I do kept my fingers crossed, Inka from Finland🙏🏻 

EDS 2019 was judged by Erwin Deutschen (Austria), cirneco dell'Etna were judged during Austtian winner by Anna Albrigo (Italy).

And now we are in Nice / France.
We passed by the car 3500 km and I do promise to write an essay about property in France and travelling with the dogs.
Each the day we drink something sparkling to celebrate the winner of our Junior European Cirneco Winner, while our red dogs are sleeping in their huge house that we have leased for one week.

Cairo Fiesta Ventura. How I went to Riga /LV/ to see our grand stud-male of Italian greyhound.

15 - May - 2019

It was some magic. With my brains.
I was drinking my cold tee in the office in Kiev / UA/ where it was about +25 and in several hours I was with the ticket on my hands travelling to Tallin /EST/ where it was +3 only. Let's suppose that I was crazy but with my totally frozen red hands and nose I was drinking martini with my friends in the bar that evening already. We had nice talks with my friends and Karoline from Tallin, who is the owner of our italian greyhound "grand" daughter btw -  Celestina Fiesta Ventura. In several days after a short trip by the car and ferry to Finland we went to Latvia where I was SO happy to meet with Ieva Bertina ♥ - owner of our one more "grand" italian greyhound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura. BTW one of the best males in Baltic states according the rank of sighthound Club of Latvia. Our Champion, beloved dog in his family - he lives with his italian greyhound girlfriend Astra Bravissimo Gisele in Latvia and finished his CH LV title just 2 days before we arrived.

Cairo has titles UA JCH, LV and LT CH, EE CH, LV SIGHTHOUND CLUB TOP-2018 ITALIAN SIGHTHOUNDS (22 dogs) and I'm proud that all this is Silvento "grand-son".

Italian sighthound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura opened for studs in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine etc. and makes us feeling proud with his results as well as his mother - italian greyhound Silvento Diamantine Tenera by such beautiful son. Wish you good luck, our boy.
Regarding all stud questions of italian sighthound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura - feel free to contact © /owner of Cairo Fiesta Ventura/ in Latvia.

Сirneco dell'Etna - Silvento Medea Junior Champion of Ukraine

14 - March - 2019

Cirneco dell'Etna, our red beauty Silvento Medea finished Junior Champion of Ukraine title. HURAY! It is the first #borninukraine cirneco who finished JChUA title. We visited Lider & OptiMeal 2019 CUP, - it was double CAC show in Kyiv. Medea behaved just great and it was SO pleasant to get amazing comments from the judge from Italy during the second day of the show.

Video from the dog-shows you may find in our Instagram page --- don't forget to subscribe ♥ or our YouTube account ♥
Full results of our cirneco Silvento Medea from the dog-show.

"Lider cup 2019" 
САС / Kyiv / UA
Judge - Aleksandar Petrovic (Serbia)
Silvento Medea -  jCAC  BOB finished JCHUA
"OptiMeal Cup"
САС / Kyiv / UA
Judge - Francesco Di Paola Nuzzo (Italy)
Silvento Medea - jCAC  BOB