Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos - Champion of UA

22 - October - 2019
Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos this weekend won again at the CACIB dog-shows in Lviv city and seems all ukrainian Iggy owners are tired of Kronos in the ring. Calm down, people, we are done with Ukraine as Silvento Kronos has finished titles of UA CH and so called BBB title. While one italian greyhound kennel of Ukraine is expecting puppies from our stud dog iggy male - Kronos, seems future daddy will continue with the dog-shows but abroad. We are proud of co-owners of Silvento Kronos. Dear Elena & Artem, you are the best team ever! Thank you and Masha Liubar - handler of Kronos.

САСIB - FCI / Lviv city
4 iggies in the ring

Judge - Astrid Lundava (Estonia)
Silvento Kronos -  exc-1  CAC CACIB BOS finished BBB title
САСIB - FCI / Lviv city
4 italian greyhounds in the ring
Judge - Kalinichenko Galina (UA)

Silvento Kronos -  exc-1  CAC rCACIB  finished CH UA title

The video you see on the left - is a ring of italian greyhounds at the dog show. Our italian greyhound Silvento Kronos was showed by his handler in blue and other male Ulli Sunnymoon Place by his owner in pink. Our congratulations to the owners of other dogs as well as our thanks for being in competition with us. Winning is always nice when you have other dogs in the ring!

Stud dog - Silvento Jason italian greyhound on Instagram

17 - October - 2019

Italian greyhound stud dog - our male Silvento Jason had a walk with his owner this week in the park and finally we have his new dog-photos.

All photos of Silvento Jason from the park as well as all his pics are on our Instagram by hashtag #SilventoJason

My thanks to Yuliia  - co-owner of this blue italian greyhound male for pics and her love that Jason has from her.  And yes, italian greyhound stud dog - Silvento Jason is AVAILABLE for stud with the right female - WORLDWIDE. Welcome!

Best Cirneco dell'Etna of Ukraine at 3*CACIB dog-shows

27 - August - 2019

Silvento Mercury & Silvento Medea with breeder of Silvento kennelCirneco dell'Etna from Silvento - were winners all 3 days at 3*CACIB dog-shows in Kyiv/UA being judged by top-judges of FCI. Can I be more happy?! ❤️😳 3 judges from Europe&PR, 2 of them are sighthound breeders and experts in 5th group. One of them Mr. Jipping - vice-president of FCI who asked yesterday so well-constructed questions about cirneco breed, showing his deep knowledge in the breed, type and kennels in Sicily. It was AMAZING! Thank you.
Cirneco dell'Etna male - Silvento Mercury was the Best Male all the days of the dog-show in competition with the cirneco dog imp. from IT - Cyrenensis Enzo, and even more - both Silvento Mercury and Silvento Medea managed to finish titles of Champions of Ukraine and Ukrainin Kennel Club. In any case my congrats to the owner of Enzo with his participation.
Italian greyhound results were published at our web yesterday, and here are our Cirneco stable results from 3 days of the dog-show: 

Golden Pectoral

Judge - Erna Upmeijer (Netherlands)
Silvento Mercury - CAC CACIB BOB

Gold of Scythians

Judge - Roberto Velez Pico (PR)
Silvento MercuryCAC CACIB BOS CH UA & CH UKU
Silvento Medea - CAC CACIB BOB

Sophia of Kyiv
Judge - Gerard Jipping (Netherlands)
Silvento Mercury - CAC CACIB BOB

Silvento Medea - CAC CACIB BOS UA & CH UKU

Italian greyhound stud male - Silvento Kronos wins again

26 - August - 2019

Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos this weekend won again and became reserved Best Male at the second day of CACIB-FCI dog-show in Kyiv. He was placed as excellent-1 during both days of the dog-show in a strong competition. Full results of italian greyhound male Kronos:

САСIB-FCI/ Kyiv / Gold of Scythians
Judge - Gerard Jipping (Netherlands)
Silvento Kronos - exc-1
САСIB-FCI/ Kyiv / Sophia of Kyiv
Judge - Gergel Uriy (Ukraine)

Silvento Kronos - exc-1  CAC rCACIB 

Our hugs and congratulations to the owners of Silvento Kronos - Artem and Elena as well as to the handler of Kronos - to Masha. Well done! You are best team ever.
BTW our italian sighthound Silvento Kronos is available for stud.

Silvento Mercury - cirneco dell'Etna male finished JCH UA

16 - July - 2019

Silvento Mercury cirneco dog male. кобель чирнекоCirneco dell'Etna male Silvento Mercury won again and became Junior Champion of Ukraine this weekend at the dog-show in Kharkiv.


САС-UA /Sozvezdie bolshogo psa/ Kharkiv
Judge - Dusan Paunovic (Serbia)
Silvento Mercury - jCAC BOB Junior Champion of Ukraine 

My huge thanks to the owners of cirneco Mersury, handler and the judge - Dusan Paunovic. From this year Cirneco dell'Etna male - Silvento Mercury will be available but limited for studs, so welcome but with notifications in advance.