Puppy plans

4 - March - 2013

Long time passed since our last puppies updates : ). So finally we have situation a bit clear - Silvento Diamantine Tenera is defenetly pregnant from Eledi Grace Rubianno and puppies are expected from 18 to 22 March already, according to ultrasound that Tina had she is gonna have 2 babies! All the info - including future pedigree of this litter you may find on PUPPIES section. Owners of Tina finally got confirmation for registration of their own kennel name, so Tina will become the foundation bitch in their kennel and will give - I hope - nice litter for new ukrainian kennel of Katya and Sasha "Fiesta Ventura" (Dnepropetrovsk, UA).

Other more great news are from our own kennel Silvento - our Hellica Forum Romanum, according to ultrasound that you may find on my youtube stream Pregnancy Video 1, Pregnancy Video 2, Pregnancy Video 3, is pregnant by 2 babies and whelping is expected from 30 Mar - 3 April. On the photo you may see one of her babies. I do hope all girls will have easy whelping : )
Future pedigrees as well as all the info about this 2 upcoming litters you may find in the section PUPIES of our web-site.
This year we plan one more litter - our bitch Silvento Diamoura Angioletta will be mated this autumn, all the info will be published this summer only.

Lucilla Forum Romanum at Moldova shows

17 - February - 2013

It was great opening of show season of this year! I had business trip to Emirates and was gonna blow - as had my plane just when Katya, owner (co-) of Lucci was entering her ring in Moldova so till I had my flight for 5 hours - I missed EVERYTHING!!! It was some kinda great trip to Moldova for Katya and Lucci - 3 shows each days, 4 new titles, new experience, lots of prizes and BEST IN SHOW-2 for Lucci : ) Great weekend! I'm thankful to Katya who did such a long way with Lucci and coped with her handling in the ring in the best way. I do worried for them both and kept my fingers crossed all two days even being 5000 km from them! So here are the full results of Lucci from that shows!

Results from the first day (16.02.2013):
Winter Cup of Moldova CACIB-FCI:  judge - Gerard Jipping (Netherlands)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - jCAC   BOB   BIG-1 res-BEST IN SHOW Junior CH of Moldova
National show of Turkey CAC-TK: judge -  Cem Sutunc (Turkey)
Lucilla Forum Romanum -  jCAC   BOB   BIG-1 Junior CH of Turkey
National show of San Marino CAC-SM: judge - Borys Aleksandrov (Ukraine)
Lucilla Forum RomanumJCAC  BOB  BIG-3 Junior CH of San Marino

Results from the second day (17.02.2013):
Winter Cup of Moldova CACIB-FCI: judge - Urek Tatjana (Slovenia)
Lucilla Forum RomanumjCAC  BOB  BIG-1 jBIS-3 Grand Junior CH of Moldova
National show of Turkey CAC-TK: judge - Аdnan Uke (Turkey)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - jCAC  BOB  BIG-1 jBIS-2 BIS-4
National show of San Marino CAC-SM: judge - Curcic Zoran (Serbia)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - jCAC  BOB

The biggest shows in UA - Crystal Cup of Ukraine, Kyivska Rus'

10 - December - 2012

The biggest shows of the year in Ukraine were held in Kiev, where dogs that are owned by our kennel again showed great sucсess. Just one year ago at the same dog show - Kyivska Rus' - 2011 our Italian greyhound girl SILVENTO Diamoura Angioletta became BOS as well as this year her friend, our IG - Hellica Forum Romanum. It was a nice dog show, full of nice meetings, I finally sold my car - just after winning BOB with Lucilla Forum Romanum. Also due to the trauma of mine knee (meniscal tear) - I could hardly move at the ring, each time when I had seat or run I was ready to die and it was a surprice to see photos after the ring where I smiling as I thought I will just cry there due to pain I had. So show was really successful for our kennel as always, Hellica finished her CH UA title on the second day of the show - Crystal Cup, Luccila finished title Junior Grand Champion of UA and became the first italian greyhound in Ukraine who ever got this title! Well done, Lucci! On the second day of the show italian greyhounds were judged by Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Malgorzata (Poland) and during the first day by Lisbeth Mach (Schwitzerland) - who was strickt as always and meny dogs left the ring with mark vg...Lisbeth Mach measured our tiny Hellica Forum Romanum, 33 cm officially. So no more words - here are the full results of our Italian greyhounds from these main shows of the year in Ukraine:

Judge - Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Malgorzata (Poland) - 19 IGs
CACIB / 'Crystal Cup of Ukraine'

Luccila Forum Romanum - exc-1 jCAC jBOB finished Jun Grand CH UA
(junior class / 4 bitches in the class)
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc САС finished CH UA
(open class /2 bitches in the class)

And the results of our girls from the first day of the dog show!
Judge - Lisbeth Mach (Schwitzerland) - 16 IGs
CACIB / 'Kyivska Rus'

Luccila Forum Romanum - exc-1 jCAC jBOB BOB BIG-2
(junior class / 3 bitches in the class)
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc САС CACIB
(open class /2 bitches in the class)

Silvento team in Kharkiv

21 - October - 2012

While I stacked in Kiev due to work I had our Silvento team was showed in Kharkiv. All 3 puppies from our last litter - E were showed at that dog-shows: Silvento Euthenia, Silvento Eleusis and finally the smallest one - Silvento Eucleia. So team from Kiev was presented there by two dogs - Silvento Euthenia and Eleusis also our Dnepropetrovsk team came to Kharkiv with Silvento Diamantine Tenera and Luccila Forum Romanum and for sure Silvento Eucleia who lives in Kharkiv. Silvento Eleusis became best baby at the first day of the sow and Silvento Euthenia during the second day. Luccila Forum Romanum almost finished her title of Junior GRAND Champion of Ukraine and princess Silvento Diamantine Tenera became BOB, judged by Polivanov from Russia as well as BOB on the second day of the show judjed by Baklushin from Russia. Tina got her 9th BOB there and finished the title of Best Representative of the Breed in Ukraine and was BIG-1 during both days!!! I'm so proud of my girls and their owners - WELL DONE! And just happy that my dogs live by such responsible people, Katya and Sasha, Tanya, Natasha - my thanks to all of you!

Judge - Mstislav Polivanov (Russia) - 4 IGs
20/10/2012 - CAC

Silvento Diamantine Tenera - САС  ВОВ ВIG-1 Best Representative of the Breed in Ukraine
Lucilla Forum Romanum- jCAC  jBOB
Silvento Eucleia - very promissing
Silvento Eleusis - very promissing, Best Baby

Judge - Gregoriy Baklushin (Russia) - 3 IGs
21/10/2012 - CACIB
"CUP of Kharkiv"

Silvento Diamantine Tenera САС CACIB  ВОВ ВIG-1
Lucilla Forum RomanumjCAC  jBOB
Silvento Euthenia - very promissing, Best Baby

Gomel, Belarus - one more trip

22 - September - 2012

One more week and one more show...3700 km passed during last 2 weeks . This weekend we visited CAC show in Gomel, Belarus. The same company as always - me, Tanya, Liuda and owner of our puppy Luba. 6 itaian greyhound are entered and 5 of them are from Silvento - it was crazy trip, as always ... problems with vet-control, custom and we came to the ring 1 min. before it started. After quite short pause I met Luccila Forum Romanum again - it was nice meeting with lots of kisses and win in the ring. I'm thankful to all the girls for the nice company during our trip, funny talks as well and my congrats to them with all the wins. Want to admit that for the first time in the ring we had babies from our last litter-E: Silvento Eleusis and Silvento Euthenia who were actually few days less than 3 months old but were allowed to be showed by organisers.

So the results of our italian greyhound are:
Judge - Igor Semenenko from UA  -  6 IGs
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta -  exc  CAC  BOS  BOB  BIG-1 ...finished CH BL
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc САС..finished CH BL
Luccila Forum Romanum - exc jСАС  jBOB. finished CH BL
Silvento Euthenia - VP  BestBaby
Silvento Eleusis -  VP


9 - September - 2012

Our trip to F.C.I. Euro Sighthound was not the easiest one. This year F.C.I. Euro Sighthound was in Czestochowa, Poland. I put so much efforts to prepare this trip that didn't sleep several days at all...too many problems with car registration for crossing the board, thule kit finding for my car, making the certificates for dogs to enter EU and hinally helping to the girls to get their visa, thanks god I had my still valid at that time schengen visa. After all trubles we met on our way we started at 4am by my car after only 2,5 hours of sleeping with Liuda Zarudna, taking Tanya Stanishcheva and Lida Antonenko on our way ... After passing only 60 km from Kiev one member of our team fount out that forgot her passport : ) it could be really funny but actually wasn't as we had to come back to Kiev and it was early morning already with traffic jams - so we lost 2 HOURS of our time... Way to the boarder Ukraine-Poland was easy, fast and not hard at all for me...BUT polish people are not so fast on roads, our GPS  decided to play with us like and Poland was just Labyrinth Minotaur for us due to this...so 1000 km instead of 12 hours took 16 hours of our time! When we came to the hotel it was late night already - the first thing we did was not shower or bed...no - we run to the nearest shop for the beer to selebrate our arriving. The first day of the show was F.C.I. Euro Sighthound - weather was nice, mood as well...pitty but cannot tell the same about the result, but still we were happy with them. Amoura was showed by Tanya at that day and I showed Helli, Luci and Tina. Second day of the show was Polish sighthound club show and this one dog show was more hard...especially for me as due to great celebration with girls of the first day of the show - I had terrible head acke and was ready to die, so I started to feel better only when the ring of males was finished - but still had very tired expression on my face at all photos. So as I felt awful- I asked girls to help me and Lida was nice to agree to show Tina at the ring, who was placed as 3d in open class, I showed our fat cow Amoura - this time she got VG as well due to her condition after whelping, Luci got just excellent and finally Hellica - was placed as 4th in intermediate class. All our italian greyhounds showed well during the first and second day except Helli, probably - who was sleeping in the ring - but she was excused as she had first day of the season..."with my luck". After the exhibition we run to the car and had a way to Krakow, where we stayed in very small but nice hotel with all our dogs - not far from center and without a rest as soon as we had check-in we went to the old city to eat, rest - we vere just in the center of attention of all tourist when walked through the center with 7 Italian greyhounds!!! At 5 am next day we already checked-out from our hotel and had long way to Kiev through Lviv. Polish boarder was crossed for 10 minutes and ukrainian ...  for 2,5 hours, as always happens!Way from Krakow to Kiev took 20 HOURS! I could hardly drive the car, was almost dead...After we came to sweet Kiev at 4 am, I packed Lucci and Tina's "baggage" as in 2 hours their owner came to take them beck to Dnepropetrovsk city. I'm very thankful to Tanya for her company and Liuda Zarudna, who didn't sleep for the whole way and spoke with me in order not to let me sleep on the roads. It was nice trip, hard, long but really funny and nice...

So full results of Silvento IG-team from the Polish sighthound club show (Czestochowa, Poland):
Judge  - Magnus Hagstedt (Sweden) - 54 IGs
Silvento Diamantine Tenera - exc-3
(open class /5 bitches entered)
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - vg
(champion class /7 bitches entered)
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc-4
(intermediate class /4 bitches in the class)
Luccila Forum Romanum - exc
(junior class / 15 italian greyhounds entered)