Cirneco dell'Etna Silvento Mars at The Ladies Kennel Association 2019 dog-show

18 - December - 2019

Our cirneco dell'Etna boy Silvento Mars who lives in the United Kindom took part at his second dog-show last week and seems the finial and one of the biggest in UK "The Ladies Kennel Association 2019". This show is also known as LKA 2019. (Photos - I do hope we will have soon)

This red young boy - Silvento Mars To Fielgar was class winner and got his CRUFTS qlf 2020. There were about 10 cirneco dell'Etna entered to LKA 2019 and ring was judged by Mrs M L Farleigh (Kinabula). We are proud and happy about Silvento Mars. My big thanks to his owners Paul and Jackie Hill. As well as congratulations to the owners with the win of Mars's friend - cirneco - Hadranensis Dory Fielgar.

Silvento Kronos - Patella Luxation 0/0. Italian greyhound

5 - December - 2019

Do you check your italian greyhounds for patella luxation?!
Patella Luxation - is a congenital (present at birth) condition. The actual luxation may not be present at birth, but the structural changes which lead to luxation are present. Most researchers believe luxated patellas to be heritable (inherited) as well, though the exact mode of inheritance is not known. The condition is commonly seen in Italian Greyhounds, although no published data regarding the incidence in IG’s exists at this time. Researchers have suggested that due to the high risk factor in toy breeds, breeding trials or retrospective pedigree analyses should be undertaken by national breed clubs to answer some of these questions. We should add that all italian sighthounds should be checked for Patella Luxation!

Our stud male, italian greyhound Silvento Kronos was checked this week and has accroding the Patella test - result 0/0.

Silvento Nemea at Malaga Dog-shows. SPAIN.

25 - November - 2019
SPAIN, Malaga Winner 2019 dog-show 🇪🇸12 iggies are entered, 3 females in junior class and our grey tiny lady Silvento Nemea is: Best Junior, jBIG-2 and WOW - Malaga Young Winner 2019🏆

24.11.2019 - Exposición Nacional
12 iggies (Lebrel italiano) in ring

САС-FCI/ Malaga / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Khlebarov A. (Bulgaria)
Silvento Nemea -  exc-1/3  jCAC  jBOB  jBIG-2 Malaga junior Winner

25.11.2019 - Exposición Internacional
14 iggies (Lebrel italiano) in ring
САС-FCI/ Malaga / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Alfonso Castells Lladosa (Spain)

Silvento Nemea -  exc-2/3

I'm very proud and so thankful to Nemea’s owners and her family as well as to her best one handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez🏆. All this is not only about the exterior BUT this win happened only because of all owner's love, care, efforts and for sure thanks to her handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez.

Italian greyhound puppies! Cream and Blue Iggy puppies from Silvento Kronos in other kennel

13 - November - 2019

Italian greyhound puppies were born from our male - SILVENTO KRONOS in the kennel of our friends that has quite long 10 years old history.

There are 1 blue male and 2 females in the litter (cream female and blue female). Italian greyhound puppies were born on the begining of NOV. Reservations for now are CLOSED!!!
Our followers on Silvento Instagram and  FaceBook were so active that seems we have about 15 requests now from all over the world for Silvento Kronos's babies ♥!

Breeder gave names to his iggy puppies already: Alen Valentyna Premium (blue boy), Amelia Valentyna Premium (blue female of italian greyhound) & Avrora Valentyna Premium (cream italian sighthound female puppy).

Mother of the litter is pure blue female Altamiruas Veda Varikai, both parents are about 36-37 cm, have full set of teeth, amazing behaviour, and daddy Silvento Kronos is our coursing Champion even.

Silvento Nemea in Spain. Dog-show & lebrel italiano

4 - November - 2019

Our Italian sigthhound (Lebrel italiano) Silvento Nemea had her debut at the dog-shows in Spain, Cadiz in junior class. There were 6 italian greyhounds in the ring. Nemea saw her handler for the first time as well as the show lead and other iggies - and not looking to this she behaved well and did all her best to win. WOW

03.11.2019Exposición Internacional Canina Jerez
6 lebrel italiano in the ring

САСIB-FCI/ Cadiz / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Antoaneta Penkova (Bulgaria)
Silvento Nemea -  exc-1  CCJ  jBOB

02.11.2019 - Exposición Nacional Canina Jerez
6 lebrel italiano in the ring
САС-FCI/ Cadiz / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge - Alfonso Castells Lladosa (Spain)

Silvento Nemea -  exc-1  CCJ  jBOB jBIG-1

I'm very proud and so thankful to Nemea’s owners and her family as well as to her best one handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez🏆. All this is not only about the exterior BUT this win happened only because of all owner's love, care, efforts and for sure thanks to her handler - Alfredo Garcia Perez. Italian sighthound Silvento Nemea is one step from finishing the title - Junior Champion of Spain. So fingers are crossed...

Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos - Champion of UA

22 - October - 2019
Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos this weekend won again at the CACIB dog-shows in Lviv city and seems all ukrainian Iggy owners are tired of Kronos in the ring. Calm down, people, we are done with Ukraine as Silvento Kronos has finished titles of UA CH and so called BBB title. While one italian greyhound kennel of Ukraine is expecting puppies from our stud dog iggy male - Kronos, seems future daddy will continue with the dog-shows but abroad. We are proud of co-owners of Silvento Kronos. Dear Elena & Artem, you are the best team ever! Thank you and Masha Liubar - handler of Kronos.

САСIB - FCI / Lviv city
4 iggies in the ring

Judge - Astrid Lundava (Estonia)
Silvento Kronos -  exc-1  CAC CACIB BOS finished BBB title
САСIB - FCI / Lviv city
4 italian greyhounds in the ring
Judge - Kalinichenko Galina (UA)

Silvento Kronos -  exc-1  CAC rCACIB  finished CH UA title

The video you see on the left - is a ring of italian greyhounds at the dog show. Our italian greyhound Silvento Kronos was showed by his handler in blue and other male Ulli Sunnymoon Place by his owner in pink. Our congratulations to the owners of other dogs as well as our thanks for being in competition with us. Winning is always nice when you have other dogs in the ring!