Our trip to F.C.I. Euro Sighthound was not the easiest one. This year F.C.I. Euro Sighthound was in Czestochowa, Poland. I put so much efforts to prepare this trip that didn’t sleep several days at all…too many problems with car registration for crossing the board, thule kit finding for my car, making the certificates for dogs to enter EU and hinally helping to the girls to get their visa, thanks god I had my still valid at that time schengen visa. After all trubles we met on our way we started at 4am by my car after only 2,5 hours of sleeping with Liuda Zarudna, taking Tanya Stanishcheva and Lida Antonenko on our way … After passing only 60 km from Kiev one member of our team fount out that forgot her passport : ) it could be really funny but actually wasn’t as we had to come back to Kiev and it was early morning already with traffic jams – so we lost 2 HOURS of our time… Way to the boarder Ukraine-Poland was easy, fast and not hard at all for me…BUT polish people are not so fast on roads, our GPS  decided to play with us like and Poland was just Labyrinth Minotaur for us due to this…so 1000 km instead of 12 hours took 16 hours of our time! When we came to the hotel it was late night already – the first thing we did was not shower or bed…no – we run to the nearest shop for the beer to selebrate our arriving. The first day of the show was F.C.I. Euro Sighthound – weather was nice, mood as well…pitty but cannot tell the same about the result, but still we were happy with them. Amoura was showed by Tanya at that day and I showed Helli, Luci and Tina. Second day of the show was Polish sighthound club show and this one dog show was more hard…especially for me as due to great celebration with girls of the first day of the show – I had terrible head acke and was ready to die, so I started to feel better only when the ring of males was finished – but still had very tired expression on my face at all photos. So as I felt awful- I asked girls to help me and Lida was nice to agree to show Tina at the ring, who was placed as 3d in open class, I showed our fat cow Amoura – this time she got VG as well due to her condition after whelping, Luci got just excellent and finally Hellica – was placed as 4th in intermediate class. All our italian greyhounds showed well during the first and second day except Helli, probably – who was sleeping in the ring – but she was excused as she had first day of the season…”with my luck”. After the exhibition we run to the car and had a way to Krakow, where we stayed in very small but nice hotel with all our dogs – not far from center and without a rest as soon as we had check-in we went to the old city to eat, rest – we vere just in the center of attention of all tourist when walked through the center with 7 Italian greyhounds!!! At 5 am next day we already checked-out from our hotel and had long way to Kiev through Lviv. Polish boarder was crossed for 10 minutes and ukrainian …  for 2,5 hours, as always happens!Way from Krakow to Kiev took 20 HOURS! I could hardly drive the car, was almost dead…After we came to sweet Kiev at 4 am, I packed Lucci and Tina’s “baggage” as in 2 hours their owner came to take them beck to Dnepropetrovsk city. I’m very thankful to Tanya for her company and Liuda Zarudna, who didn’t sleep for the whole way and spoke with me in order not to let me sleep on the roads. It was nice trip, hard, long but really funny and nice…

So full results of Silvento IG-team from the Polish sighthound club show (Czestochowa, Poland):
Judge  – Magnus Hagstedt (Sweden) – 54 IGs
Silvento Diamantine Tenera – exc-3
(open class /5 bitches entered)
Silvento Diamoura Angiolettavg
(champion class /7 bitches entered)
Hellica Forum Romanum – exc-4
(intermediate class /4 bitches in the class)
Luccila Forum Romanum – exc
(junior class / 15 italian greyhounds entered)

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