Cirneco and Italian greyhound. Puppies and plans.

Italian greyhound and Cirneco dell’Etna puppies:
To be short – all our cirneco puppies were reserved before they turned 2 months old☺️ With such bloodlines and combination after the stud that took place in IT (6200km) seems there were no other options. Most of the red kids will go to the families who have cirneco already and it do means a lot for me as a breeder.🧡

Italian greyhound puppies – no puppies now but we plan 1 stud for this autumn. It will be the first stud of italian greyhounds for last 2 years. As soon as we have any news – I will make a post in our Instagram.

And some words about our web – I do have no time to update it oftenly and see no sence.
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