Italian greyhound male Silvento Jason - Junior CH UA

23 - February - 2017

Italian greyhound male Silvento Jason aka Senya - grey male from Odessa city - this weekend finished Junior Champion of UA title and won BOB 2 times being in competition in the ring. Italian sighthound rings were judged by (18 FEB) - Muntean Petru (Romania) and 19 FEB - Szutkiewicz Andrzej (Poland).

Our congratulations to Jason's best one owner - Julia and his handler Ekateryna. We are proud of this boy, his owner and the job they both did!

BTW - this italian greyhound male Silvento Jason is available for stud since this month.

"Zolotoy Diuk"
18.02.17. САС-UA / Odessa
Judge - Muntean Petru (Romania)
Silvento Jason - exc jCAC jBOB BOB
"Black sea"
19.02.17. САС-UA / Odessa
Judge -  Szutkiewicz Andrzej (Poland)
Silvento Jason - exc jCAC jBOB BOB BIG-2

Cirneco dell'Etna & Italian greyhound Silvento - at the main show of the year

5 - December - 2016

cirneco creta del gelso bianco Cirneco dell'Etna - Creta del Gelso Bianco (import Sicily) has finished her show year with the amazing success with out any training during the last 5-6 months. Our cirneco girl Siri at the main shows of the year in Ukraine  - "Kiev Rus 2016" & "Crystal cup of Ukraine 2016" has finished her Champion of Ukraine and Champion of Ukrainian kennel union titles. Siri is just 16 months old - we are proud of this small red monster as judges were strict indeed and half of the dogs of other breeds left rings without a title. There was one more cirneco female entered - Beauty of Sicilia Avrora from Kiev. And to the main Bests of the country we didn't left as I decided to devote time to my friends who came from other city, tasty food and finally SPA evening I planed for so long.

And more young generation presented by Italian greyhound puppies - our italian sighthound puppy Silvento Kronos and our "grandchildren", babies out of Silvento Diamantine Tenera - Clelia Fiesta Ventura & Cairo Fiesta Ventura were showed for the first time at the dog-shows and all 3 got "very promising". Some jumped like crazy, some puppies decided that it is a good time to run like they are future coursing starts but in any case all 3 italian greyhound puppies showed in a good way and made a first steps to become a real start. And baby Clelia Fiesta Ventura became even best baby of the ring. My congratulations to their owners as well as to our cirneco girl breeders from Sicily. Full results below:

САСIB-UA / Kiev / 2 cirneco entered

чирнеко-щенок-КиевCirneco judge - Monique Van Brempt (Belgium)
Creta del Gelso Bianco - CAC CACIB BOB
САСIB-UA / Kiev / 2 cirneco entered

чирнеко-щенок-КиевCirneco judge - Galina Strelkova (Belarus)
Creta del Gelso Bianco - CAC CACIB BOB CHUA, CH UKU

Silvento Jason - first time in junior class in Odessa city

26 - September - 2016

Silvento Jason - italian greyhound maleItalian greyhound male Silvento Jason (aka Senya) who is just 9 months old and co-owned with us made us happy by his dog-show results at the National dog-show in Odessa city (UA). Italian sighthounds were judged by quite strict judge Agnieszka Onuk (TR).

We are thankful to the owner of Jason, the best one in the world - Julia for all her care, love and efforts done from her side in order to have such handling of this sweet blue puppy in the ring. My congratulations to the owner with such an amazing start of junior career of  Silvento Jason. We are proud of both of you, well done!

"Odesskaya osen'"
25.09.16. САС-UA / Odessa city
Judge - Agnieszka Onuk (TR)
Silvento Jason - exc jCAC jBOB

Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine, Cirneco dell Etna

25 - September - 2016

24.09.2016 we had Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine - CACL that was judged by Tamas Pagany from Hungary and UA judge Ludchenko Viktoriya. Our italian greyhounds didn't participate but our Cirneco junior female - my darling Creta del Gelso Bianco was entered. Cirneco baby - Siri had amazing result and was one of the best sighthounds having 371 points.

We are proud of our coursing star. Thanks to our friends who supported us during all the day and to the judges and breeders of Siri.

Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine
24.09.2016 / CACL
Kiev, UA
(junior class)
Creta del Gelso Bianco - 371 point, 1st place

Cream Italian greyhound puppies - reservation is opened / crème chiots petit levrier italien

26 - August - 2016

Silvento Kairos - crème chiots petit levrier italienCream Italian greyhound puppies - reservation is opened finally (crème chiots petit levrier italien).
Good news! We have opened reservation for our cream boys who are 2 months old.  Sweet, brave, teneder - all this is about our Silvento Kairos - cream male of almost white color without any shade and black-black nose, paws. He has testicles, bite ok. Great mover and huge desire for coursing now. Good skeleton, strong bones and will be over 38 cm so sport carrier is more welcomed. Cream boy Kairos is  available finally and looking for the best one hands : )

Regarding the girls from other litter who is only one months old now - one will stay in the family, one is already pre-reserved and one girl is offered for reservation already as well as one more isabella boy. For more details, please feel free to write us to Facebook, Cell / Viber / WhatsApp +38 О66 273 6О 39 (Alina)

Italian greyhound puppies
(chiots petit levrier italien)

litter "K" / 20.06.2016
Italian greyhound puppies
(chiots petit levrier italien)

litter "C" / 01.08.2016
щенки левретки кремовый окрас chiots petit levrier italien
More info about our babies in the section Italian greyhound puppies of our web-site

Our Italian greyhound in Russia, Silvento Eleusis became CH RUS

14 - August - 2016

Italian greyhound in Russia, Silvento EleusisItalian greyhound male Silvento Eleusis being in Russia during his long holidays with his owner Siroshtan Lyubov and his "little sister" Irish Wolfhound surprised us indeed. This italian greyhound male finished his one more title this weekend 🙂 After 2 and a half years of rest and calm life Silvento Eleusis was showed again at the dog-show in Russia. Our congrats to the owner with great results of our boy:

14.08.2016 CAC-RU, Tula city/ Russia
Judges - Nikitina, Gorbachevskiy (RU)
Silvento Eleusis - 2*САС  2*ВОВ  2*BIG-2
Champion of Russia, CH RFSS