Cirneco del Etna - our new Junior Champion

23 - May - 2016

Cirneco champion ukraine SilventoCirneco dell'Etna - Creta del Gelso Bianco (imp. Sicily) was a real star this weekend in Chernigiv Cup dog-show (CAC/UA). We are thankful to the judges U. Gergel and V. Shiyan and to our friend Sergej Dmitrenko who really helped me a lot and made this wonderful picture. Our cirneco Siri has finished Junior Champion of Ukraine title being just 9 months old ❤️ And even not her first season nor dozen of birds in the show-ring when she has decided to start her hunting just at the moment when judge made her description - didn't play any role as she did it ... Siri became not only Best in Group-3 among about 10 breeds of 5th group but also was BEST in SHOW junior - 2 among 30-40 juniors of all the breeds at the show. I do love her for her tenderness and the way she is showed.

"Cup of Chernigiv"
21.05.16. САС-UA / Chernigiv
Judge - U. Gergel (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco - exc jCAC BOB BIG-3  jBIS-2  finished jCHUA

Cirneco at the dog-show in Ukraine - our Junior Siri

10 - May - 2016

silvento cirneco-creta del gelso biancoCirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco (import Sicily) was showed at the national dog-show 2*CAC in Kiev, Ukraine. We are thankful to the judges and our friends who helped me all 2 days long during the shows. At the second day ring of the 5th group was judged by a very strict judge - Elena Agafonova and more than a half of the dogs left the ring without a title at all or with "very good" mark being even the only one from the breed. With not the best optimistic mood we have entered the ring and were really happy to have our small title ))
One conclusion came to our mind as a result of our photo-session after the ring, I suppose I will start "photographer-animalist" courses for my friends as from 100 photos I have just one - that you may find on the left. But we do promise to make normal pics at the end of the month when Siri will finish her jCH title.

07.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge - V. Khizhnyak (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco -  exc jCAC BOB
08.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge - E.Agafonova (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco - exc jCAC BOB

Italian sighthound - healthy Silvento team, coursing team

4 - May - 2016

Italian sighthound - healthy Silvento team, coursing teamHealthy italian sighthound is not only a good looking dog, for us it should be a dog who visit vet for blood test several times a year and that must be checked once a year for eyes, knees and for sure heart problems. We are happy to say that after a long 5 km walk and coursing short training our two italian greyhounds have passed vet test, result you may find on their personal web-pages. Our Hellica Forum Romanum who has missed her mating again, having rest for almost 2 years, due to my trips and our blue male of italian sighthound Silvento Eleusis, our coursing italian greyhound boy - are totally healthy 🙂

Cirneco & Italian sighthound judged by Andras Korozs & Denis Kuzelj at CACIB, Ukraine

24 - April - 2016

Cirneco & Italian sighthound judged by Andras Korozs & Denis Kuzelj at CACIB, Ukraine"From the Ship to the Ball"- it was like this for me. Just after I have left the ship I got happy SMS from Kiev from the first day of CACIB dog-show about our Italian sighthound girl and after a sleepless night in the airport in Venice I was already in the ring at "Ukraine-2016" dogshow - it was second day of double CACIB. I was showing our Cirneco del Etna dog - little star who had her last day at puppy class as since April 25 Siri had to enter Junior class. I'm thankful to Lyuba Syroshtan and Tanya Stanishcheva - our italian sighthound friends for all the help they did for me during that day. 48 hours without sleeping is something ...
As a result - italian greyhound Silvento Gaia finished her CH UA title while I was in Italy and was handled by her handler Sasha Ushakov and seems she won't be showed anymore as Gaia lost all her interest for the shows she had before and from other side cirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco finally entered junior class  and became Best Puppy for the last time. Welcome to the adult life, Siri 🙂

"Golden Gates 2016" 
23.04.2016  Kiev / САСIB
Judge - Denis Kuzelj (Boulgaria)
Silvento Gaia - exc-2 rCAC rCACIB Champion of Ukraine

"Ukraine 2016"
24.04.2016  Kiev / САСIB
Judge - Andras Korozs (Hungary)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta Del Gelso Bianco - vp Best Puppy

Cirneco puppy at dog-show in Kiev "Acana Cup 2016"

29 - February - 2016

Чирнеко щенок 7 мес. на выставке - Creta del Gelso BiancoCirneco puppy Creta Del Gelso Bianco - our 7 months old puppy from Sicily took part at the national dog show in Kiev "Acana Cup 2016". Our cirneco puppy did an unbelievable thing - was placed to the BEST in Show puppy competition among about 50 different puppies of all the breeds : )
We are thankful to the breeders of our Sicilian red beauty, handler who helped me to make a sculpture from this active puppy and her personal trainer who made her so well-behaved girl in such a young age and to everyone who helped me during this dog-show. So the full results are:

"Acana CUP 2016"
27.02.2016  Kiev / САС
Judge - Miklos Levente (HU) & BIS - Alfredo Alessandri (IT)
Creta Del Gelso Bianco - vp BEST IN SHOW puppy - 3

Cirneco and Italian greyhound at the IDS in Kiev

8 - December - 2015

Cirneco puppy, first cirneco in UkrianeIt was the most important International dog show of the year in Ukraine, double CACIB in Kiev. Seems it was the 10th year in 2015 how we used to take part at this dog-show. Except the importance of this Exhibition this dog-show was important for us as we were showing not only our italian greyhound female but our Cirneco Dell'Etna puppy who came to our home 3 weeks ago from Sicily. Only 3 handling lessons and just 3 weeks in my home after a wild calm life in the village in Sicily and this volcanic girl had her first amazing debut in the ring. Judge at the show was Geert Jipping (Netherlands) who was just in love with our Creta Del Gelso Bianco. Seems I'm more happy with her behave at the show than with her results, btw she got her first small cup and BestBaby title.
Speaking about our italian greyhound we were showing Silvento Gaia both days at the show. Gaia needed only 1 CAC from one of these shows for finishing her CH UA title but baby was a bit anxious during the first day because of her owners and was not showed well with me and got VG and during second day of the show Gaia was showed by handler who did an amazing job showing her in a perfect way but still she didn't get her CAC. Both days of the show italian greyhounds were judged by Jelena Kruus (Estonia) and Anne Klaas (Estonia). We are thankful to all the judges for their nice words about our Cirneco and Italian greyhound  and to Gaia's owners for their care and entering Gaia to this show. So here are the results of the show:

Crystal Cup of Ukraine
САСIB, Kiev 06.12.2015
Judge - Geert Jipping (Netherlands)
Creta Del Gelso Bianco - very promissing Best Baby