Cirneco Silvento Mars at SWKA 2018 and Silvento Mercury at UA dog-show

6 - October - 2018

Cirneco dell Etna males out of our breeding were showed this week around the world.

Cirneco puppy Silvento Mars has visited his 1st dog-show in Wels (UK) - South Wales Kennel Association Championship (SWKA 2018), where 14 cirneco were entered.
Mars was the youngest puppy in the class as he just turned 6 months old and was showed with 2 more experienced and beautiful males of cirneco breed: Kinabula's Tute Sweet Mocha & Kinabula's Macchiato For Triquetra of 8 and half months old who were well showed indeed. Our cirneco male Silvento Mars got CRUFTS 2019 qlf. We do feel proud of his first results and wish him only future wins and happy life with his amazing owners. Cirneco breed was judged by Marie Bryce-Smith (UK) during the show.

One week before Mars show - one of our boys was showed as well. It was Silvento Mercury, who is co-owned by us and lives in UA and was showed for the first time. Mercury became best puppy of breed, was showed well at the national show in Kharkiv city during 30 SEP 2018. Feel thankful to his handler and his family. Cirneco dell'Etna breed was judged by Natalia Bubelik (Belarus) during the show.

Italian greyhound puppies are born (blue girls)

19 - September - 2018

Italian greyhound puppies are born 16 SEP 2018. We are happy to have 2 girls of blue color out of our blue female Silvento Euthenia and male from France  of isabella color. Girls have their names already and we will open reservation for them soon. At least we think so, but for now we just enjoy our sweet time with them. They smell like angels. Nothing more to add.
Pedigree and more info will be soon at Puppies section of our web-site.

Don't forget that we have 2 black females available that were born at the end of the summer and we opened them for reservation last week. Chiots petit levrier italien or italian greyhound puppies - or what else you write, you may find more pics of our black and blue babies at Instagram account of our kennel.

Cirneco puppy - Silvento Medea, first dog-show

27 - August - 2018

Cirneco puppy - Silvento Medea our "first born in UA cirneco" from the sicilian stud has visite first dog-show. We didn't visit any handling-classes as I work hard now and have no time, but we visited dog-schoool for 2 times and seems coped somehowe at the dog show. Cirneco dell'Etna ring was judged by President of ENCI in Rome - Francesco Cochetti. Who made me smile when asked from what Sicilian kennel I bought our Medea, I felt proud to answer "MADE in ITALY" but "BORN in UA".

So seems we have our first title - Baby Winner of Central and East European Union.  In any case - feel grateful for the help that I got from our friends during the dog-show.

Central and East European Union CUP
САСIB / Kiev / UA
Judge - Francesco Cochetti (IT)
Silvento Medea - Best Baby Central and East European Union Baby Winner

Italian greyhound puppies are born and more are expected

25 - July - 2018

Italian greyhound puppies. We had 2 matings of co-owned females this year already with males from  GERMANY &  FRANCE

♥ 16/07/2018 puppies of italian greyhound were born - 3 beautiful black girls. Mother is a female of our breeding - Silvento Hestia who is co-owned by our friend, father is exported from Germany  - Champion Arno Nero Stella Di Celeste with totally French bloods. Both parents do coursing, both are black and both are proud to have such beautiful litter, as well as we do. Only ONE puppy of italian greyhound will be available for sale from this litter. For more info pleaes follow Italian greyhound puppies section.

♥  And even more - we had a stud of our own female after her 3 years of rest and male from  France. We do hope our girl is pregnant and if yes - so puppies are expected in Septemper. Isabella, blue color and maybe even cream.

♥ 12/02/2018 in the house of our friends italian greyhound puppies were born out of the male from our breeding. Only one puppy - Blue female of nice exterior, amazing temperament is available. Good movement, heigh. Female is 4 months old, she had her rabies vaccination and soon will be ready to enter European Union or hopefully will find her home somewhere closer to us. So "GOOD LOVELY HANDS" you are welcome to take this beauty 🙂 I will be happy to share the contact to the breeder, regarding the price better to consult with her for sure, I'm just interested to fing show (hopefully) owners for my "grand-baby".

Cirneco dell'Etna puppy. 1st cirneco in Ukraine are 3 months old

6 - July - 2018

Cirneco dell'Etna puppyCirneco dell'Etna puppy - available for sale. UDP 10/07/2018 - was reserved the next day after announcement and will leave to United Kingdom in several weeks already.
Parents are 100% sicilan, stud of 2 dogs from Sicily in Italy ie ireland italian greyhound
Very human-oriented puppy, good head, exterior, tail, neck as well as temperaments. all this is about cirneco dell'Etna puppy - Silvento Mars.

It was 3 months of eaten sofa, walls, destroying the yard, killed birds and mouse (oh god....) - this 3 months with the small red hunters were just amazing. I do will miss this time. Babies brought us two times already a mouse and one tine small bird. Oh God, how loudly I was screaming. This cirneco puppies -are so funny, so smart and so earth addicted as all the yard is like after some war with the mole. Silvento Mars and Silvento Midas visited dog-shows already and became Best Babies, Medea seems will stay with us in the family. Puppies walk 2 times a day already around the city, visit bars and shops with us and are taught how to be have well in society.

It was not easy at all to decide to sell cirneco Mars as this cirneco puppy sleeps with us already, behaves like crazy when we are back from work and it is just an amazing dog in totall if to be honest. I do hope he will find show-hands and will be showed and loved in his new family.

Cirneco dell'Etna puppies at 1st their dog-show (3 months old)

25 - June - 2018

Cirneco dell'Etna puppies got their first small titles at the national dog show - BEST BABY. Our red boys who turned only 3 months old at that day - Silvento Mars (available cirneco puppy) & Silvento Midas celebrated this small birthday in the ring at CAC dog-show 100 km from Kiev (June 23-24, 2018). Cirneco dell'Etna breed was judged by Bulelik Natalia (Belarus) during the first day of the show and judge Sivak Leonid (Moldova) during second day of the show.

Silvento Mars cirneco puppy Silvento Midas cirneco puppy

cirneco puppy Silvento Midas was showed during the first day and small brother Silvento Mars at the second day of the dog-show. Both behaved well as well as their red sister Silvento Medea, who enjoyed 2 days of the dog show spending funny time with us. first day was really awful as it was only +10 and it was hard to believe that it was +30 2 days before the show but not looking to the rain and cold weather Silvento Midas showed really nice as well as Mars next day. So welcome to the show-team, our small #firstcirnecoinUA cirneco puppies and now - ♥ BEST BABY ♥