Kashtany Kieva

28 - April - 2007

28.04.2007 in Kiev - international CACIB dog-show was hold  "Kashtany Kieva 2007",  judge - Lisbeth Mach (Schwitzerland)

Puppy class:
Elagin Dvor Erofey - V.Promising
Intermediate class:
Kent Golden Queen - exc
Champion class:
Lukrecia Fly Gocci - exc CAC, CACIB

Baby class:
Eledi Grace Klaren Laruche - V.Promising Best Baby
Intermediate class:
Akka Lorencia Asia - exc-4
Karoline Golden Queen - exc-1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Patricia P'yari Sarna - exc-3
Rapsodi of Love P'yari Sarna - exc-2 R.CAC
Open class:
Alba Malis - exc-3
Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora - exc-1
Romantic of winter night P'yari Sarna - exc-2


18 - February - 2007

18 / 01 / 2007 in Kharkiv CACIB dog show called - Slobozhanshchyna was held by Kharkiv direction of UKU.

The judge of Italian greyhounds was - Janchik Leos from Czech Republic. Only 3 italian greyhounds were presented there including our italian greyhound girl - Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora. Judgement was very strict - one dog from P'yari Sarna kennel got disqualification, bitch bfrom Golden Queen kennel got excellent and our Mila was proud to get V.Good from Yanchik ))) Not looking to this fact we really had a good trip to Kharkiv and spent our time there with pleasure!

Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2006 - results of italian greyhounds

17 - December - 2006

17 /12/ 2006 CACIB dogshow - the main one, that is hold in Kiev every year was hold agin - "Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2006". Judge of italian greyhounds - Elena Kruus (Estonia).
It is the biggest dog show of the year in Ukraine, but only 3 italian greyhounds were showed this year. Breeders from Zaporizhya - P'yari Sarna kennel and Rovno - Golden Queen kennel and I was presented in this dogshow. So here are results from the ring:

Junio class
Romantic of  winter night P'yari Sarna - excellent -2
Karoline Golden Queen - excellent -1  JCAC, ВОВ
Intermediate class
Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora - exc-1  САС (from junge notes/description - without САС!В because wasn't sure in herself)

Dog show - Ukraine 2006

30 - April - 2006

Dog show - Ukraine 2006 under UKU - rank CACIB - was held in Kiev city on 30 April 2006 judge of Italian greyhounds was Rafael de Santiago from Puerto Rico. 4 italian greyhound bitches were showed in this dog-show, all are from Ukraine except one IG from Finland -  Bel Etual Bogemia Ekavintin that got BOB! So here are full results from Ukraine-2006 dog-show.

Junior class
Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora - exc, jCAC - and became  jCH UA

Open class
Bel Etual Aristokraticheskaya Osoba  -  exc САС  R.Cacib
Alba Malis  - exc 2  r.CAC

Champion class
Bel Etual Bogemia Ekavintin - exc  САС   Cacib

Arsania dog show

19 - March - 2006

19.03.2006 in the city Nicolaev CAC dog show was held called -ARSANIA. The judge of Italian greyhound was Victor Shiyan from Ukraine. About 5 italian greyhounds were showed in Arsania, from our dogs was participated our italian greyhound girl Mila. It was her and mine first dog show and I'm proud of her. Also dogs itaian greyhounds from Odessa were presented in Puppy and Open / Champion classes of Akka Lorencia kennel - breeder Kira Zhuravleva.

Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora - exc, BestJunior

(before 2009  jСАС in junior class wasn't given to the dogs)