Eurodogshow 2017 italian sighthound Silvento Kronos

28 - August - 2017

Italian greyhound male Silvento Kronos as a real active man for his age who wanna play with everyone and kiss all alive around showed almost good at EuroDogShow 2017 that took place this year in Kiev, UA. During the first day of CACIB show (in the frame of EDS) Kronos jumped so happy in the ring that took v.g. due to the "impossibility" to by judged : ) The other day - during EDS was almost the same but a bit better but with the same result - happy dog in the ring means not so happy owner and breeder but it was really funny : ) I'm thankful to the judges John Wauben (NL) and Rafael De Santiago (PR) for their hard work during the show, to all our friends, hanlers who at least tryed to prepare Kronos 2 weeks before the show as well as to his owner Iya. With a bit more efforts maybe he will be more playful and will become a real start-boy. Proud of you Iya and Kronos - in any case, well done♥
My congratulations to all the winners and people who came from abroad to visit UA. Was happy to see so many nice dogs!

South Korea - Silvento Kupidonas. Italian greyhound 이탈리안 그레이하운드 쿠피 dog show

4 - July - 2017

이탈리안 그레이하운드 Silvento Kupidonas South Korea - again with great news from the owner of our baby. Was happy to get show-results from the South Korea where our cream italian greyhound male Silvento Kupidonas was shown for his second time in junior class at the International FCI dog-show.

We are VERY thankful to Kupi's owner for all his care, love and showing Kupi, by the way Kupi is called "쿠피" in korean. Sighthounds were judged by John Reeve-Newson from Canada, owner of afghan hound, borzoi and italian sighthoundsKishniga Kennel. @Photo by  Mr.Lee - owner of Kupidonas 산성

02.07.2017  "International Dog-show FCI"
Korea Kennel Federation, FCI / г. Ilsan / Seoul
Judge - John Reeve-Newson (Canada)
Silvento Kupidonas - jCAC

Silvento Kronos italian greyhound male at the first dog-show as a junior

20 - June - 2017

first dog show for italian greyhound Silvento KronosItalian greyhound male Silvento Kronos, after driving 1100 km just had to take part at the dog show so far away from home - because his 3 "mamas" at the last moment decided to travel a bit and were lucky to see that there is going to be a dog-show in the city they were going to : ) Must admit that this always happy boy was happy indeed by the show, so many dogs to play with and being with us all the time inc. restaurants, clubs, show, museums.

Italian sighthounds were judged by Zoya Oleynikova (UA) during first day and Cholakov Plamen (BLG) - second day. We were so in hurry to get back home that coulnd't stay for the BEST in show competitions during the second day of the show. In any case - happy with silvento Kronos's results, his owner Iya who entered showring for the first time and our trip in totall as it was really amazing. Loved that city, food there and time we spent♥

17.06.17 "Bukovyna-2017" & 18.06.17 "Chernovetski vstrechi"
САС-UA / Chernivtsi
Judges - Zoya Oleynikova (UA) & Cholakov Plamen (Bulgaria)
Silvento Kronos - 2*jCAC  2*jBOB  BOB  BIG-1

South Korea, Italian greyhound - Silvento Kupidonas

23 - May - 2017

Was happy to get show-results from the South Korea, where our 10 months old italian greyhound male Silvento Kupidonas was shown for the first time in junior class at the "APCS Championship Dog Show" - that was held by Korea Kennel Federation, KKF. This cream boy got his Best of Breed at the first show. We are so happy and proud.

We, as a breeders, are VERY thankful to Kupi's owner for all his care, love and showing Kupi, by the way Kupi is called "쿠피" in korean. Sighthounds were judged by Christopher Changhyun Lee from Korea, owner of afghan hound kennel Casanova Aeryi Kennel. @Photo by the owner 산성

08.04.2017  "APCS Championship Dog Show"
Korea Kennel Federation, KKF / Hanam city (하남시)
Judge - Christopher Changhyun Lee (South Korea)
Silvento Kupidonas - jCAC BOB

Italian greyhound male Silvento Jason. Dog-show in UA

7 - May - 2017

Italian greyhound male Silvento Jason aka Senya had great results during last weekends at the national dog-shows in Ukraine. Being showed by his handler after finishing CH MD he managed to enter CH UA and took 2*CAC and 2*BOB in Ukraine in Nikolaev and Kherson cities.

My huge congrats to the owner of Silvento Jason and his handler and all the family of Senya. We are proud of both you! Thank you!

16.04.17 "Cup of Tavriya"
САС-UA / Kherson
Judge - Agafonova (UA)
Silvento Jason - CAC BOB BIG-1
06.05.17 "Аrsania Spring"
САС-UA / Nikolaev
Judge - Oleynikova (UA)
Silvento Jason - CAC BOB BIG-1

Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine, Cirneco dell Etna

10 - April - 2017

08.04.2017 we had Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine - CACL that was judged by Tamas Pagany from Hungary and Orsolya Balia. Our italian greyhounds didn't participate but our Cirneco female - my darling Creta del Gelso Bianco was entered. Cirneco baby - Siri had amazing result after sleepy winter and took 356 points.

We are proud of our coursing star. Thanks to our friends who supported us during all the day and to the judges and breeders of Siri.

Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine
08.04.2017 / CACL
Kiev, UA
(standart class)
Creta del Gelso Bianco - 356 point, 1st place