Puppies soon

17 - April - 2010

We have great news! Mila is pregnant and we expect for puppies very soon, I hope on May 1 - May 5 she will give a birth to wonderfull IGs!

More information you may find in sections Puppies or Litters soon 🙂

Changes to the FCI standart of Italian greyhound

8 - April - 2010

Changes to the standart of FCI that are planned for January 2011 by the Italian Club of IGs. We are really thankful for this material to our friend Ieva.

the IG descends from small sized sighthounds which already existed in ancient egypt at the court of the pharaons. [the rest remains unmodified]

of an elongated shape, its body fits into a square. its type altough in a small size, fully characterizes the form of a miniature sighthound, the prototype of refinement and elegance of the lines may be considered a model of grace and distinction.
(he reference to greyhound and sloughi is deleted)

thin bone structure, flat and lean; in perfect vertical position as much from the front as in profile, well in evidence furrow from the carpus to the elbow.

springy, harmonious, elevate trot covering the ground. gallop fast with sharp spring.

Interviewing Bitte Ahrens

17 - March - 2010

According to your dog knowledge and personal experience, which are the most important elements in order to judge correctly?
My strong believe is that, no matter what breed you judge, type and overall balance is the absolutely most important. That, of course, includes the movement. The judge must have a great knowledge of the standard, of course, but even more important is a good knowledge of the breed status. That means that, if you judge a breed, you must have interest and passion not only to learn the standard, but also be aware of the situation and the evolution of the specific breed. I think that, without having a passion and REAL and true interest for the breeds you judge, you will not be able to do a good job.

Judging an IG, which is your method to evaluate the type to search and award?

Since I had the fortune to grow up and live with this wonderful breed for more than 40 years, now I would answer that the elegant curves, flawless lines together with the so special and characteristic movement are what I always first would like for. The IGs are difficult to judge, since they really can change shape, just depending on handling, weather and mood.

Trying to tell the “Thing” which makes the “Outstanding Achiever”, you can say that...

...for my personal taste, an “outstanding” IG must have the elegance and correct bone structure, as well as beautiful lines and correct angulations in both front and rear, which hopefully will give also the so typical high neck carriage and elastic “dancing” and effective movement.
Unfortunately, there are very few specimens which really fit into all this. We see too many dogs today with lack of elegance and lack of true sighthound type. We must always remember that the IG is a little sighthound and, as a judge of the whole group 10, I can for sure say that few judges would accept the unsoundness in any other breed, that we often see in our breed and that so often is left without any penalizing. To make some examples: “French” fronts, wide elbows, straight toplines, no rear angulations, unsound movement, wrong bites and canine teeth, missing premolars etc.. Today discussion is mostly about size and colour. I think that there are so many more problems we should consider when judging and breeding. Honestly, I strongly feel that the defects which can give the dog problems in normal life, are the most important to eliminate. No IG suffers from wrong colour or some cm more or less. I don’t mean that we should not care about size and colour, but I seriously think that it should be considered as a fault like everything else.

Concerning the IG movement: how does a judge face the “reading” of the standard and its “interpretation” into the ring?

This is a difficult matter, since in our breed the standard was changed from “high stepping” to harmonic and elastic and today the highstepping is considered as a grave fault. We can now see all kinds of movement among the European IGs (the American standard still asks for highstepping movement) and this makes it difficult for both breeders and judges. I personally think that it would be a great idea to extend the standard a bit, and explain more clearly how the IG should move. I think most of us want to see the typical “dancing” movement, with slightly bend of pastern when lifting the front leg, but without losing the good reach forward as well as good drive in the rear. We definitely don’t want the IG to move like a greyhound or whippet! How could they? They are completely different constructed in their front angulation and with different neck set.

“Technical” ring in the morning, “show” ring in the afternoon: how important and how difficult to put in agreement both of them?

My personal answer would be that the judging in the breed ring is the most important and that you, as a judge, always should remember how your work affects the breed. If you only choose dogs which you think would be “showy” in the big ring- you might do more harm than good to the breed. Every judge must be aware that, when stepping into the ring, he has a great responsibility, not only towards the people, the breeders and the exhibitors which entered, but also to the breed itself!

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Interviewing Leona Dams ( IG kennel of Devils Pigeons)

17 - March - 2010

Mrs. Leona Dams Reyneart has been breeding Italian Greyhounds since 1979 with the suffix “of Devils Pigeons” in Belgium. She got involved in the sighthound breeds buying an Afghan Hound from the famous Von Oranje Manege kennel, of the late Mrs Eta Pauptit, the a Whippet of English origins and eventually the Italian Greyhound became her passion and in so many years of breeding gave her a lot of gratifications by winning important titles at the main dog related events. Frequently going to the dog shows Mrs Dams thought it right to become a judge too and now she is licensed to judge at international level all the Sighthounds, the English sheepdogs, the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier.

How long have you been breeding IG?

I had my first litter in 1979.

Who was your very first specimen of the breed?

My first IG was Myrthe des Pitchoun Diables, daughter of Ch Lutin des Pitchoun Diables and granddaughter of Cupido Springinsfeld. I showed her and she became International, Belgian, Dutch, Lux. and German Champion. Myrthe and Olimpe des Pitchoun Diables were the foundations bitches of my kennel.

Of all the IGs you have owned or bred who was the closest to your ideal?

This is a difficult question because I have own preferred type of dogs who look very much alike. I don’t think this type has changed during the thirty and plus years of my breeding. It is impossible to produce perfect dogs and I don’t mind if anyone should prefer another type, because these are the dogs that I like to produce. I must admit that I find my dogs a little better than my bitches but if someone would ask me to make a choice between my males it wouldn’t be possible. Even if my bitches were a little bit flashier I’d need their soundness too in order to give me beautiful litters.

How a perfect IG, in your opinion, should look like?

Elegant, with a nice long head, fine ears, able to move like a real sighthound should do.

What are the main problems in the breed today?

I must say that IG have improved a great deal over the years, they have sounder movement and you don’t see the tiny, fragile little dogs so common in the past. Of course there are still small problems but our breed does not have too many health problems in comparison to other breeds and it is possible to avoid them.

So, you don’t think it is time now to carry out of the current IG’s standard for any other aspect too?

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2 - March - 2010

We can make web site for you and your italian greyhound with the same type as our web-site with good admin panel and the possibility to add news by yourself, also pages. If you are interested - just write us.
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Zhytomyr and Vinnitsta

8 - September - 2007

08/09/2007 in Vinnitsta CAC dog show under UKU (FCI) was held. Judge - Kozina (Russia).
Only 2 italian greyhounds were present in this dog show. So here are results:

Galliano Pyari Sarna - V.Promissing, Best Puppy
Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora - Exc (without a title because of awful behave at the ring)


09/09/2007 in city Zhytomyr CAC dog show was held where only 3 IGs were present. Judge-Kryzhanovskaya (Ukraine)

Galliano Pyari Sarna - V.Promissing, Best Puppy
Mila S Alekseevskogo Dvora - Exc, САС and closed Champion of Ukraine
Keroline Golden Queen - Exc CAC BOB