Silvento results 2010

1 - January - 2011

My congratulation for everyone with upcoming NY 2011. As a results of 2010 year want to say that it was quite good for us and our Italian greyhounds and for kennel. This year we got the litter that I was expected for 3 years : ) Finally my girl Mila s Alekseevskogo Dvora (AKA - Mila) gave birth for 3 wonderful Italian greyhounds girls: Silvento Diablitta Rubesta (aka - Rubesta), Silvento Diamantine Tenera (aka - Tina) and Silvento Diamoura Angioletta (aka - Amoura).
Rubesta lives in Kiev in the kennel of matese and (now) italian greyhounds  "Royal Wind"  that belongs to wonderful girl and now my good friend Kashchenko Olesya. Tina went to Dnepropetrovsk city to really good couple Katya and Sasha, she is the only one pet in their home so also is the most loved : ) Amoura my sweet girl from her birth I knew that I will leave her in the kennel, so she was left in Kiev in my kennel Silvento for co-ownership, but lives with my friends Tanya and Oleg. All 3 italian dreyhound  girls of our D-litter was showed many times already this year and will be showed in Ukraina, Russia and Europe next year. I'm very-very thankful for all the care that owners of my puppies give to them!
I'm also happy to say that we expect for one more member of our family next year. It is not a surprise as I planned it for last 4 years, so new updates will be soon.

Also this year due to some situations in other kennels we decided to establish our own main principles of breeding:
-we dont use in breeding bitches before they will get 2 years old or before their third season;
-we don't use bitch in breeding more than 3 times;
-our puppies always grow up with me in my flat and may be sold not earlier then 2 months old;
-our dogs don't live in cages and we don't cages and even kennel-box at home;
-we don't sell dogs to puppy mills, for 3d parties "as a present" to someone else in future, ect. with all potential owners I used to deal for a long time, so be ready for it ))


Crystal Cup of Ukraine

14 - December - 2010

12 Dec 2010 the biggest and the last dog show of the year was hold in Ukraine. Our girl that is breeded and owned by us - Silvento Diamoura Angioletta was showed there in puppy class in competition with other male. In total there were 17 IGs registered in that show. Judge - Supronowicz М. (Poland).

Our results of the second day of the show 12/12/2010:

Silvento Diamoura Angioletta
very promissing, BestPuppy

Silvento Diamoura Angioletta with TANYA

Silvento Diamoura Angioletta with TANYA


Kyivskaya Rus' 2010

11 - December - 2010

11 Dec 2010 international dog show Kyivskaya Rus' 2010 was hold in Kiev. Two our girls from last litter were showed in puppy class both, under the judgement of B.Aleksandrov from Ukraine. 16 IG were in the show. Results of the first day of the show 11/12/2010:

Silvento Diamantine Tenera Silvento Diablitta Rubesta
very promissing - 1, BestPuppy very promissing- 2

My congratulations to owners of my sweet girls! I'm very thankful for your participation in this show!

Kievskie vstrechi

3 - November - 2010

Kievskie vstrechi - is a dog show that was hold in Kiev (CAC show) at the end of October. There were 11 italian greyhounds presented in the show, full results of all dogs that participated and was showen there - u may find in our DogShows section. Regarding my dogs - only one italian greyhound girl of our breeding  - Silvento Diablitta Rubesta that is own by Kashchenko Olesya (RoyalWind kennel) was shown in puppy class.

Title best puppy took a beautiful dog from Forum Romanum kennel - Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum, my congrats to the owner.

31.10.2010 (Kiev) Silvento Diablitta Rubesta - very promissing
(judge - PogodinaViktoria (Ukraine)

Silvento Diablitta Rubesta

27 - October - 2010

Last week we had wonderful walk in one of Kiev parks with our girl Silvento Diablitta Rubesta, and dogs of our friends - Eledi Grace Violet, Altamiruas Agates Hilaris, Galliano Pyari Sarna, Prosko Zair Weis Kirhe. Photos from our walk you may find in our photoalbum
In this photo -Silvento Diablitta Rubesta

Lviv dog-show, results of Italian Greyhounds

10 - October - 2010

Lviv dog-show of CAC rang was held in Lviv city 10.10.2010

Only 3 italian greyhounds were showed in Lviv: Silvento Diamoura Angioletta, Altamiruas Agates Hilaris, Cacaya Mia Tsatsa Golden Queen. More full results of italian greyhounds not from our Silvento kennel that were showed there - you may find in our DogShows section. Regarding our dogs:
Our princess  Silvento Diamoura Angioletta:
10.10.2010 (Lviv) - very promissing, BestBaby (judge – Jan Ryk from Poland)
I'm thankful to the judge for good words about our Amoura and to the second owner of Amoura - Tanya for such handling lessons that gave excellent results and to Antonenko Lidiya - Altamiruas kennel of Italian greyhounds - for a company and her support
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta