Kremenchug show (CAC)

24 - September - 2011

What a day today...except excellent news from Austria I got a call from Kremenchug city (UA) with a good news again. Today is Kremenchu there was a CAC show - IGs were judged by judge Galina Zhuk from Belarus. Italian greyhound Silvento Diamantine Tenera out of our breeding was showed there and got her last jCAC that gave her the possibility to finish today her Junior Champoin of Ukraine title. I'm so proud of you, my sweet girl. I'm very thankful to owners of Tina - Sasha and Katya who did such a long way in order to show this IG-princess. My congrats to both of you!

So here are the results of sweet Tina:
Judge - Galina Zhuk (Belarus)
Silvento Diamantine Tenera - exc jCAC jBOB closed jCH UA

Khmelnitskiy - CAC show

7 - September - 2011

Our show-tour was continued....Yesterday we visited national dog-show in old city - Khmelnitskiy, where i was showing 2 of our italian greyhounds...This time I wanted to make my life easier and not to drive myself, after 1400 km that were passed last weekends, so asked my cynologist-friends to take me with them ... what to say - better to drive yourself than to be connected with someone as we came back to Kiev at 6 AM!!! But the result are great - Hellica Forum Romanum closed her Junior Champoin of Ukraine and our baby Silvento Diamoura Angioletta got her one more BOB - from 6 IGs at the show and also BIG-2 ... For sure i'm happy as Helli is only 9,5 months old and just entered Junior class and already got her 3d jCAC and closed her first junior champion title and Amoura was 15 months old not so long ago and already has 3 CACs. In total at the show there were 2 juniors, 2 dogs in intermedia class, 1 in open and one in champion class. It was a pitty that there was not competition of BestJuniors, but nevertheless I'm happy that Amoura was BIG-2!

What I want to admit - is that we are happy that organisators agreed to give as a judge Senashchenko from Russia. We are thankful to Ekaterina Senashchenko for good words about not only our but all IGs in the show, for full descriptions of our dogs and for titles we obtained also we are thankful for ring assistants for their job and even if to count that judge was late for 3 hours - we are very happy and had reaaly good mood! Our congratulations for breeders of Hellica - Karolina and Piotr, to co-owner of Amoura - Tanya, to people who made company for us and also got good results with their italian greyhounds - Antonenko Lidia, Iulia, Elena Popova (pharaoh hounds)!
So here are the results:

National dog show in Khmelnitskiy
Judge - Senashchenko (Russia) - 6 IGs entered
Junior / 2 IGs in the class
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc jCAC jBOB
Intermadia class/2 IGs in the class
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc  CAC BB BOB BIG-2

Silvento Diamoura Angioletta became Jun CH of Ukraine

31 - August - 2011

Our italian greyhound Silvento Diamoura Angioletta became Junior Champion of Ukraine month ago but got her official certificate of JunCH UA only yesterday. Amoura closed her Junior Russian Champion title on Eurasia - 2011 (Moscow) this year and only now got Ukrainian certificate, we are hapy and my congratulations to Tanya and Oleg - owners of Amoura, big thank you to Tanya for handling Amoura, good care and for sure for participations on DogShows.

Ivano Frankivsk - Lutsk CAC shows

29 - August - 2011

This weekends we had 2 CAC shows on western part of Ukraine! Almost 1400 km were passed, we are awfully tired but still happy with our results! shows were on Ivano-Frankivsk city and next show on Sunday in Lutsk. In Lutsk our dogs took jBOB and BOB but not looking to this we were so tired so left show after the judgement and decided NOT to stay for bests - I have to say that our IG who got BOB was THE ONLY one sighthound at the show!!!
I'm very sorry for Lutsk office of UKU and that such things may happen in Ukraine - as I had a call today that yesterday "some" Italian Greyhound entered BEST IG GROUP X and for sure took BIG-1 (as it was the only one sighthound at the whole show) ... and even more - that dog even participated under the name of MY dog - Silvento Diamoura Angioletta, who has BOB and piece of paper that proves that we were send to BIG - X, not some other dog ... I want to confirm to everyone, that my dog was in my car and was going back to Kiev with my while BIG-X was hold in Lutsk and my dog didn't participate at BIG-X yesterday and I will not accept that BIG-1 and will insist on taking away that BIG-1 mark from the result from this show as it wasn't my dog ... and I'm really sorry that such AWFUL things may happen in Ukraine ... Really ....

Nevertheless we are thankful to judges Lavrova (Moldova) and to Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Ma?gorzata (Poland) for excellent descriptions of our italian greyhounds, nice words about our dogs and for sure to our breeders - Karolina and Piotr. Also mythanks to Olesya - owner of our Silvento diablitta rubesta - who took photos at the show, video and was my navigator on our awful ukrainian roads! Baby Helli became junior only week ago and already gained 2 jCAC, as well as our sweet amoura who entered grown-up classes only 2 weeks ago - so I suppose we have quite good results with girls))) Thanks for every one who helped up with this long trip, to organisators for all this judges and to all my friends who kept fingers crossed for us!
So here are the results:

National dog show in Ivano-Frankivsk
Judge - Lavrova (Moldova) - 4 IGs entered
Junior / 2 IGs in the class
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc jCAC
Intermadia class/2 IGs in the class
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc  CAC BB

National dog show in Lutsk
Judge - Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Malgorzata (Poland) - 5 IGs entered
Junior / 2 IGs in the class
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc jCAC jBOB
Intermadia class/2 bitches
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc  CAC BB BOB

Pavlograd, our italian greyhound Tina

22 - August - 2011

Pavlograd (Ukraine), CAC show. As a judge 10th group had Victor Shiyan - owner of kennel Bis Mon Sheri, who is a judge since 1979 and involved into dogs for more than 30 years.  Our sweet girl Silvento DiamanTine Tenera, who is owned by Katya and Sasha from Dnepropetrovsk, got really excellent description as well as a results. I'm very happy for Tina and wont stop saying "thank you" to Katya and Sasha for their good job. Sasha even handeled tina by himself. Tina has to get one more jCAC in order to close jCH of Ukraine title.

Judge - Victor Shiyan (Ukraine)
Silvento Diamantine Tenera - exc  jCAC jBOB ВОВ

World Dog Show 2011, our Italian Greyhounds

8 - July - 2011

Hellica Forum Romanum SilventoIn the beginning of July 2011 the biggest dog show – World Dog Show was held in France (Paris). Italian greyhounds were showed on July 8 and about 140 dogs were entered. dogs were judged by JIPPING Gerard (Netherlands), bitches under the judgement Valerio Nataletti from Italy. I entered only our little princess Hellica Forum Romanum, who was showed by me in Puppy class and got - prometteur and was 4th bitch puppy in the ring…quite good results for the first show of such level to Helli. We are thankful to our breeder for good company and safe way to Paris also to Ania and Lida for such funny trip. By the way, from Ukraine only two italian greyhounds were entered…except our Helli also Altamiruas Agates Hilaris was showed in interm. class and got there mark – excellent. So our congratulations to Lida Antonenko – owner and breeder of Agates ( Altamiruas kennel).