World Dog Show 2011, our Italian Greyhounds

8 - July - 2011

Hellica Forum Romanum SilventoIn the beginning of July 2011 the biggest dog show – World Dog Show was held in France (Paris). Italian greyhounds were showed on July 8 and about 140 dogs were entered. dogs were judged by JIPPING Gerard (Netherlands), bitches under the judgement Valerio Nataletti from Italy. I entered only our little princess Hellica Forum Romanum, who was showed by me in Puppy class and got - prometteur and was 4th bitch puppy in the ring…quite good results for the first show of such level to Helli. We are thankful to our breeder for good company and safe way to Paris also to Ania and Lida for such funny trip. By the way, from Ukraine only two italian greyhounds were entered…except our Helli also Altamiruas Agates Hilaris was showed in interm. class and got there mark – excellent. So our congratulations to Lida Antonenko – owner and breeder of Agates ( Altamiruas kennel).


1 - July - 2011

We got excellent news from Russia from Valentyna Kvitko. Our Silvento Diamoura Angioletta got her diploma of Junior Russian Champion in the beginning of June that she closed durin one of the biggest shows in Russia – “Eurasia 2011” under the judge Adrianna Griffa. We are very happy with the results of Amoura, my congrats to Amoura’s co-owner Tanya Stanishcheva and BIG thanks for Valentyna Kvitko and her husband for their help during registration and obtaining this certificate, without your help it would probably take several months for me to do it. Thank you!

CAC. Belaya Tserkov 18.06.2011

18 - June - 2011
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta  - jBOB
(Photo by V.Ushakov)
18 June 2011 in the city Belaya Tserkov regional dog-show was hold by UKU, two out italian greyhounds girls participated there. Ring of italian greyhounds was judged by Galina Zhuk from Belarus. Both Amoura and Helli got wonderful descriptions from the judge, as always baby Helli made wonderfull impression to everyone and sweet Silvento Diamoura Angioletta closed her Junior Champion of Ukraine title. My congrats to co-owner of our sweet DiAmoura - to Tanya Stanishcheva! I'm very proud of you both and big thanks to Tanya and Oleg for the long way they did and for showing Helli in the ring while I was away, - Tanya u're the best handler!!!  So here are our results:  

Judge - Zhuk Galina (Belarus)
Puppy / 2 IGs in the class
Hellica Forum Romanum - very promissing  BestPuppy
Junior class/2 IGs in the class
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc  jCAC jBOB became jCHUA


Happy Birthday D-litter

10 - May - 2011

Today our 3 girls from the last litter are 1 year old

Today is the most wonderfull day - as our 3 princesses of Italian Greyhound from the last litter are one year old. My congrats to my beauties, their owners and everyone who helped them - to our handlers, friends etc. I just want to say something about each girl...a few words to describe what they mean for me. So Tina - was the first one who made her first breath and saw this world, beautiful grey girl that lives in Dnepropetrovsk city. Tina was the first one who was showed in dog-shows and started her show career at 3 months old only in the city-level dogshow. Rubesta - the oldest baby she was the third puppy in the litter - left my home just 2 days ago, as was a guest here for a week while her owner was out of the city, by the way, Rubesta lives in Kiev, too close to me - in the kennel of maltese and italian greyhounds "Royal Wind". The second baby from D-litter was SWEET girl Amoura -my blue angel that is owned by our kennel and Tanya Stanishcheva. Amoura already visited about 8 dog-shows and 2 of them in Lviv and Moscow she visited with me where I had a pleasure to show her myself, by the way - in Russia (Moscow) at 9 months old only - Amoura became Junior Champion of Russia and best junior of the breed at the first day now she almost finished with her J CH UA - I'm so proud with you, my little girl. All judges of our princesses always admit excellent size that they have Amoura - 34,5 см, Rubesta 35 см. I'm so thankful to the owners of my girls - Olesya, Tanya, Oleg, Sasha, Katya - you are the best owners and big thatks for all your love - that you gives to my IG children!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - D-litter!!!!

Chernigiv. Our results (judge - Sarmont)

7 - May - 2011
Чернигов. Левретка Рубеста - Лучший юниор породы. (Фото - Владислава Ушакова)
Italian greyhound Rubesta - BestJunior of the breed
(Photo - Slava Ushakov)

07.05.2011 in very beautiful and old city of Ukraine - Chernigiv we had an opportunity to visit national dog show and came back home with excellent results. So two italian greyhounds were showed by me - first of all - our sweet baby Hellica Forum Romanum in baby class and also as I was lucky to have one of Mila's daughters at home as a guest for a week - I showed her too - it is IG bitch from out last litter-D - Silvento Diablitta Rubesta that entered to junior class not so long ago (owner - Kashchenko O. kl "Royal Wind"). As a judge we were luck to have Tatiana Sarmont from Belarus. To tell the true this week was excellent for us ... May-show season was opened by Silvento Diamoura Angioletta in Cremea where she got 2*jCAC, 2* BOB and was BIG-2 and BIG-3 under international judges Pepper and Skadina and then was continued by princess Helli and Rubesta. So here are our results fron Chernigiv - 2011 dog-show:

Judge - Sarmont T. (Belarus)
(Baby class/1 baby in class)
Hellica Forum Romanum
- VeryPromissing  BestBaby
(Junior class/2 juniors in class)
Silvento Diablitta Rubesta - Excellent  jCAC  jBOB

Sevastopol. Silvento results

3 - May - 2011
Левретка Амура, СевастопольЛевретка Амура на бесте Х-группы

02/05/2011 National dog show - Lubomorie-2011 was held in Sevastopol (Crimea), only one our  italian greyhound girl participated there. Our breed was judged by strict Wilfried Pepper (Germany). Result are great as well as description that our sweet princess Amoura got from the judge, by the way Amoura took BIG-3 from 4 sighthounds after borzoi and irish wolfhound

Judge: Wilfried Pepper (Germany)
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc jCAC  jBOB  BOB  BIG-3

03/05/2011 National dog show - Crimean Games - 2011 and this show was held again in beautiful city - Sevastopol (Crimea), and once again only one our  italian greyhound girl took part there. Italian greyhounds were judged by Rita Kadike Skadina - international FCI judge. President of Latvian Spaniel club, journalist, member of Latvian and International Society of Journalists and photo artist. 1996 - 2006 - General Secretary of Latvian Cynology Federation and since January 2006  - all breeds judge (allrounder). Result are great again for us! Many thanks to owners of my sweet girl!

Judge: Rita Kadike Skadina (Latvia)
Silvento Diamoura Angioletta - exc  jCAC  jBOB  BOB  BIG-2