Kazakhstan, italian greyhound Silvento Hestia - jCH KZ

23 - March - 2015

Казахстан-Караганда.-Левретка-Silvento-HestiaSeems it was the most crazy trip of Yana Goncharova, who passed 3000 km from Russia to Kazakhstan in order to participate in 2 dog shows with our black star - italian greyhound Silvento Hestia. Yana is a real hero after this long trip that took 4 days. It was really 4 days of my nerves, sleepless nights and finally I've got a message from Yana about her safe way back home and results of Hestia. We are thankful to Yana for all her efforts, care about Silvento Hestia, amazing demonstration of Esti in the ring, for the hard way she passed. My sincere congratulations to Silvento Hestia's co-owner Yana with the win of this black pearl Esti. Just a week has passed since Silvento Hestia entered junior class and since that time she finisher her first Junior Champion title, got her first BOB and BIG-1. Well done, girls, we do proud of you both!

Karaganda, Kazakhstan
"Central Kazakhstan"
САС 21.03.2015
Judge - Mark Zaturinski (Kazakhstan)
Silvento Hestia - exc jCAC BOB BIG-1

Karaganda, Kazakhstan
САСIB 22.03.2015
Judge - Stephan Popov (Bulgaria)
Silvento Hestia - exc jCAC BJ Junior CH of Kazakhstan 



Italian greyhound kennel Silvento, our development

18 - March - 2015

Stakhorska - silvento edivetItalian greyhounds are the reason of our development from time to time. I do love to visit different classes but as a rule they are not connected with the dogs at all. Both me and Tanya, my main helper in the kennel, finished Cynology courses and are qualified breeders since 2011. In 2013 I was lucky to finish online course - Canine Theriogenology (University of Minnesota) and in March 2015 course of basic Vet. (The University of Edinburgh).

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ― Atwood H. Townsend

питомник сенбернаров Швейцария du Grand-St-BernardAnd the most expected trip of this year. In January I was lucky to visit Switzerland again and this time I decided to use this possibility and visited Martigny by MontBlanc Express. Martigny is a well known city where such breed as Saint Bernard was born. It was really my dream to visit the most well-known kennel of Saint Bernard breed -  kennel du Grand-St-Bernard. Since April 2005, our foundation has been the owner of the 300-year-old breeding kennel, making us the oldest and most important Saint Bernard kennel in the world.

A team consisting of a vet, a breed specialist and 10 keepers is responsible for ensuring the dogs’ comfort and optimal development as well as providing professional training. The Barry Foundation is a member of the Swiss Saint Bernard Club and is a recognized non-profit making association. I was really great experience to visit such a huge kennel and to see its life from inside.

питомник сенбернаров du Grand-St-BernardЗаводчик левреток в гостях в Швейцарии - питомник сенбернаровлевретки в гостях в Швейцарии - питомник сенбернаровстроение питомник сенбернаров du Grand-St-Bernard

Silvento Hestia at the dog-show Nizhny Tagil (Russia)

11 - March - 2015

Silvento Hestia at Nizhny Tagil (Russia) dog showOur italian greyhound star Silvento Hestia, who lives in Russia and is co-owned by our kennel, was showed this weekend at the CAC dog-show in Nizhny Tagil (Russia). It was a kinda surprise for me to get such a news while I was skiing at the mountains.  It was her last show in puppy class as in a few days she will enter her junior class. We are very thankful to Hestia's  co-owner Yana Goncharova for all her efforts, handling skills, will and everything what she did to obtain such a good results at the shows that Hestia had already at her puppy age. Well done, Yana, we are so happy that you became a part of our Silvento team.
We are proud of our italian greyhound Esti and wish her good luck at her next show in Kazakhstan that will take place in 2 weeks already.

Malakhitovaya shkatulka - 2015
CAC 07/03/2015
Judge - Lakatosh U. (Russia)
Silvento Hestia - very promising  best puppy

Silvento Italus - first dog show. Acana Cup in Kiev

23 - February - 2015

Silvento Italus italian greyhoundItalian greyhound male Silvento Italus - he is the hero of our news stream today. Only several months have passed since he was born and now this male won Baby class at his first dog-show in Kiev - Acana Cup. Italian greyhound ring was judged by expert from Belgium Jos de Cuyper. Silvento Italus was showed by his co-owner Alena and it was both his and her first time in the ring but both they coped with it. Italus jumped half of the ring like happily crazy baby but stayed in a brave way on the table. He was really liked by the judge and we are proud for him and Alena - both did a good job. Italus was officially measured at the dog-show by the judge, and we are happy about this as well.  This small italian greyhound boy is really well socialized, kissed all the dogs around as well as all the people. He came to the show with all his huge family and had 6 people who cared about him before the ring started so he just couldn't help winning the baby class ))

Acana Cup
Kiev, САС - 21.02.2015
12 italian greyhounds
Judge - Jos de Cuyper (Belguim)
Silvento Italus - very promissing Best Baby

Our IG puppies left to new homes already: Greece, Germany, Lwow

1 - February - 2015

Silvento Ilithyia-greece airport sobakaItalian greyhound puppies from our last litter started to fly to their new homes. Silvento Italus and Silvento Ilithyia were pre-reserved since birth so were the first one who left the nest.  Silvento Italus - aka Gai stay with us in co-ownership and will live in Kiev / Lwow (UA) with his amazing owners, young couple. We are happy with Tanya that we will see Gai so often.

The second one who left the home was Silvento Ilithyia - aka Feya, who had her plane to Greece last weekend with our friend aboard and will stay in the big family of 3 members and one cat close to the sealine. We wish to all our babies happy life in their new homes and we are thankful to the news owners for all the care and love they give to our italian greyhound puppies.

Silvento Isida left to Germany where she will live with her amazing owner and whippet friend. Silvento Iuppiter went to Lwow city and will live in the family that had italian greyhound in the past.

Silvento Isida in her new home
Silvento Iuppiter with his owner
Silvento Italus during the walk
Silvento Ilithyia in her new home with the cat "Mars"
Italienisches Windspiel+whippet Silvento Isida Lwow Charcik włoski Silvento Iuppiter Silvento Italus Kiev Silvento Ilithyia - νάνος δρομέας puppy

Crystal Cup of Ukraine - our Italian Greyhound Luci

17 - December - 2014

левретка Киев Lucilla Farom RomanumSome kinda stable win of our team this year. Last year at the same dog show - CRYSTAL Cup of UKRAINE 2014 Lucilla won her BOB too, this year the same results, nothing changed. Crystal Cup of Ukraine is the main dog-show of Ukraine and the last one that is held each year.  19 Italian greyhounds were entered, Luci was chowed by her co-owner Katia. Katia came to Kiev from Dnepropetrovsk city to visit this show and took our Silvento Diamantine Tenera - who spent time with me while Katya was showing Luci. My congrats to Katya with this win!

Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2015
Judge - Rita Kadike Skadina (Latvia)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - CAC CACIB BOB