June - 16 - 2014

Петер Харшани (Венгрия) левреткаWe were so happy with our italian greyhound puppies that totally forgot about show news and our elder dogs. During this weekend there was a CACIB dog show in Dnepropetrovsk where Katya showed Lucilla Forum Romanum. Here are the results from the dog-show in Dnepropetrovsk city:

Judge - Peter Harsanyi (Hungary) - 4 IGs
Dnepropetrovsk, CACIB
Lucilla Forum Romanum - exc  САС  BB  CACIB  ВОВ  BIG-1

My cograts to Katya and Sasha with Luci's results. Not looking to her post-whelping period she looks great!
Want to admit good result of IG from our E-litter. Silvento Eleusis was showed at the double CAC show in Kiev (June 7-8). He was not very successful on the first day and got VG but was showed well by his co-owner. During day 2 of the show Eleusis won the ring and became BIG-3 from 4 sighthounds. Well done! My congrats to his co-owners Liuba and Slava.

Judge - Pavel Karpov (Ukraine) - 4 IGs
Kiev "Espri Cup" - CAC
Silvento Eleusis - exc  САС   ВОВ  BIG-3