April - 9 - 2017

Italian greyhound male Silvento Jason aka Senya - grey male from Odessa city (UA) - this weekend finished one more title, or even not one - Junior Champion of MD title and Champion of Moldova (MD) and took his first CACIBs. Judges at the dog shows - RAJIC BRANISLAV (Slovenia), DENIS KUZELJ (Bulgaria), VOLINET SERGHEI (Moldova), ROMANOVA OLGA (Moldova), LAVROVA LIUDMILA (Moldova).

Our congratulations to Jason's best one owner - Julia and his handler Ekateryna. We are proud of this boy, his owner and the job they both did! The decision to enter this italian greyhound male to this 4 shows was taken at the last moment by his owner and it was a surprise both for me and Tanya. Thank you, Julia for this work, care he gets and efforts you do.

BTW - this italian greyhound male Silvento Jason is available for stud since this month.

2*International dog shows
08-09.04.17. САСIB-MD
Silvento Jason - 2*CAC 2*BOB  2*CACIB  BIG-2
finished CH MD title
2*National dog shows
08-09.04.17. САСIB-MD
Silvento Jason - 2*jCAC 2*BOB BIG-3
finished jCH MD title