Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine, Cirneco dell Etna

08.04.2017 we had Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine – CACL that was judged by Tamas Pagany from Hungary and Orsolya Balia. Our italian greyhounds didn’t participate but our Cirneco female – my darling Creta del Gelso Bianco was entered. Cirneco baby – Siri had amazing result after sleepy winter and took 356 points.

We are proud of our coursing star. Thanks to our friends who supported us during all the day and to the judges and breeders of Siri.

Lure Coursing Championship in Ukraine
08.04.2017 / CACL
Kiev, UA
(standart class)
Creta del Gelso Bianco – 356 point, 1st place