World Dog Show 2017, Germany – our Cirneco dell’Etna

 World Dog Show 2017 Germany, Leipzig took us 3 500 km by the car. Our cirneco dell’etna Creta del Gelso Bianco – was judged by honorable sighthound judge Espen Engh and among all very-good and good marks in the ring at breed our girl was  placed as excellent-3 in champion class in a very stong competiotion of 4 european cirneco. We were not trained at all and maybe will do all our best next time but in any case so happy to be so highly estimated by Espen Engh in competition among more adult and much more titled females in the class.

 CAC-Ausstellung DWZRV that was in the frame of World dog-show 2017 our red young girl became Best of Breed judged by sighthoung judge – Marco Sistermann. We were so happy and tired and prefered to go for the shopping and beer than to stay for the bests competition.

CAC-Ausstellung für alle vom DWZRV betreuten Rassen
САС / Leipzig / Germany

Judge – Marco Sistermann (Germany)
Creta del Gelso BiancoAnw. Dt. Ch. VDH  BOB
World Dog Show 2017
САСIB / Leipzig / Germany

Judge – Espen Engh (Norway)
Creta del Gelso Bianco – exc-3 

So thankful to my dear and beloved mother for her offer to visit World Dog Show 2017 at the last moment, by the way it was the show where 31 000 dogs from all over the world were entered, thankful to all my friends who supported me and helped so much. I do love you and thankfull for all your help! And for sure – my thanks to my best cirneco in the World for her temperament, ability to stay alone in luxury hotel without destroying it and ability to survive during long shoppings and dinners in the restaurants with us 🙂

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