Silvento Nemea (lebrelitaliano) at Granara int. dog-show

Silvento Nemea – lebrel italiano Granada

SPAIN, Granada INT dog-show 🇪🇸 Our grey tiny lady Silvento Nemea just entered international class and had her 1st CAC in competition at the dog-show held by Sociedad Canina de Andalucía Oriental🏆

16.02.2020 – Exposición Internacional / Granada
14 iggies (Lebrel italiano) in ring
САС-FCI/ Granada / Spain  🇪🇸
Judge – Martin Luis Ventura (Spain)

Silvento Nemea –  exc-1 CAC

I’m very proud and so thankful to Nemea’s owners as well as to her handler – Alfredo Garcia Perez🏆.

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