Silvento Kronos – Patella Luxation 0/0. Italian greyhound

Do you check your italian greyhounds for patella luxation?!
Patella Luxation – is a congenital (present at birth) condition. The actual luxation may not be present at birth, but the structural changes which lead to luxation are present. Most researchers believe luxated patellas to be heritable (inherited) as well, though the exact mode of inheritance is not known. The condition is commonly seen in Italian Greyhounds, although no published data regarding the incidence in IG’s exists at this time. Researchers have suggested that due to the high risk factor in toy breeds, breeding trials or retrospective pedigree analyses should be undertaken by national breed clubs to answer some of these questions. We should add that all italian sighthounds should be checked for Patella Luxation!

Our stud male, italian greyhound Silvento Kronos was checked this week and has accroding the Patella test – result 0/0.

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